3 Ways to Enjoy Bánh Chưng Without Worrying about Fat Gain. Avoid These 4 Groups of People who Like to Eat a Lot

Many people struggle during the Lunar New Year as they are tempted by delicious food but worry about gaining weight and health issues. Here are three ways to enjoy eating bánh chưng without the fear of gaining weight and for those who should avoid it.


3 Ways to Enjoy Bánh Chưng without Worrying about Weight Gain

1. Eat 1 Piece of Bánh Chưng, Reduce 1 Bowl of Rice

When eating bánh chưng, it’s best to supplement with fish, meat in moderate amounts. Steaming or boiling is preferred over frying to facilitate quick digestion and prevent feeling too full. Moreover, when having 1 piece of bánh chưng, you should reduce 1 bowl of rice compared to normal. This way, you won’t have to worry about excessive weight gain.

2. Pair with Vegetables and Fruits

Due to its high starch content and low fiber, bánh chưng lacks balanced nutrition. Therefore, when enjoying bánh chưng, it’s advisable to have some vegetables and fruits on the side to provide sufficient vitamins and minerals. Green vegetables and fruits are rich in fiber, helping to promote digestion and prevent excess fat accumulation. This eating method also keeps you feeling full for longer, minimizing the desire to eat.

You can also eat bánh chưng with pickles and salted onions, which stimulate digestion and prevent bloating.

3. Only Eat Bánh Chưng during the Daytime

Since bánh chưng is made from sticky rice, consuming too much can lead to difficulty in digestion. Therefore, it’s not recommended to eat bánh chưng in the evening.

Especially, avoid eating fried bánh chưng at night as it absorbs a lot of oil and can lead to weight gain, excess belly fat, and is not suitable for people with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, kidney disease, and gastrointestinal disorders.

4 Groups of People Who Should Avoid Eating Bánh Chưng

1. People with Heart Disease, Diabetes

As bánh chưng contains a high amount of fat, protein, vitamins, sugar, etc., consuming it excessively can be harmful to individuals with metabolic disorders. Those who are dieting, overweight, have a history of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, or high cholesterol should limit their consumption.

2. Overweight Individuals

This group of people should avoid consuming large amounts of bánh chưng to prevent excess fat accumulation and uncontrolled weight gain.

3. People with Gastric Problems

Eating too much sticky rice can cause gastric discomfort and acid reflux. Therefore, patients with gastric pain should exercise caution when consuming this type of food.

4. People with Acne Breakouts

Bánh chưng has a hot nature, so individuals who are prone to acne breakouts should not consume excessive amounts of it.

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