Tips for Dealing with Sudden Washing Machine Power Outages

Are you perplexed by the sudden reset of your washing machine? Discover the answers to this problem in the article below!


The washing machine is a very important household appliance in every family. However, users often feel confused when the washing machine encounters a power outage while it is operating. Let’s find out how to deal with this issue right away!

1. Does it matter if the washing machine loses power while it is operating?

Does it matter if the washing machine loses power while it is operating?Does it matter if the washing machine loses power while it is operating?

Currently, most modern washing machines are equipped with automatic shutdown mechanisms to protect the system in case of abnormal conditions. Therefore, in most cases, a power outage will not affect the operation of the washing machine.

However, in some exceptional cases such as power surges or internal fires, there is a risk of damage to the washing machine. In addition, when a power outage lasts for a long time, clothes being soaked in water can create conditions for bacteria and unpleasant odors to appear, which can greatly affect the quality of your clothes.

2. Reasons why the washing machine loses power while it is operating

Reasons why the washing machine loses power while it is operatingReasons why the washing machine loses power while it is operating

Typically, the loss of power while the washing machine is operating can be caused by the following five reasons:

  • Local power outage
  • Unstable power supply in the house, with intermittent fluctuations. The cause may be overloaded electricity or poor-quality power plugs.
  • The washing machine lid is not properly closed. Nowadays, modern washing machines require the lid to be tightly closed in order to operate properly, ensuring safety for the user. If the sensor detects that the lid is not closed, the power will not be turned on for washing.
  • The washing machine is not placed on a balanced surface. Some washing machines are placed in an unstable position which may loosen the power cord and cause the machine to lose power if it vibrates excessively during the washing process.
  • The laundry load is overloaded. If the amount of clothes exceeds the machine’s standard, the washing drum may suddenly stop, thereby affecting the power supply and causing the washing machine to lose power.
  • In addition, a faulty circuit board or a damaged power IC can also cause the washing machine to lose power suddenly.

3. How to handle a power outage in the washing machine

How to handle a power outage in the washing machineHow to handle a power outage in the washing machine

Steps to take when the washing machine loses power suddenly:

Step 1 Immediately turn off the power to avoid the risk of electrical shocks or injuries before conducting any inspections.
Step 2 Check the power supply. First, check the overall power supply in the house to ensure that the electrical system is stable. Then, check the power supply of the washing machine directly to determine the direct cause of the power loss. Call a professional repair technician to handle the situation if the washing machine is seriously damaged.
Step 3 Deal with the water accumulation in the washing machine. First, determine the location of the emergency drain pipe and then open the pipe to drain the remaining water while removing the clothes.
Step 4 Restart the power supply after the washing machine has dried to prevent any electrical malfunctions.
Step 5 Turn on the machine again and continue washing the clothes as usual after addressing the cause of the power loss.
– If you find any power surges or fires, smell burning, a broken power cord, malfunctioning IC, or damaged circuit board, etc., you should immediately notify professional technicians for inspection and avoid attempting to disassemble the device on your own.

Above are the suggestions we want to provide for handling a sudden power loss in a washing machine. Stay tuned for our updates on useful news for your daily life!

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