How to Use and Clean Washing Machine Detergent Effectively

Do you know the importance and proper use of detergent in a washing machine? Do you want to learn how to effectively clean this vital component? Read on for all the information you need about detergent in a washing machine.


On the label, there is the word Detergent. What does this word mean? What is the role of this part in the machine? How to use and clean this part correctly? Let Bách Hoá XANH answer these questions through the article below!

1 What is Detergent in the washing machine?

Detergent is an English word meaning cleaning agent, we can also see this word in the phrase Laundry Detergent used to refer to solutions, chemicals that clean clothes. Detergent in the washing machine is specifically referring to the detergent compartment.

Depending on each type of washing machine, each brand, the detergent compartment will have different designs but basically will be divided into 3 small compartments consisting of powder detergent compartment, liquid detergent compartment, and softener compartment.

Detergent in washing machine
Detergent in the washing machine is what?

2 How to use the Detergent compartment

The washing machine will work more efficiently when you know how to use the Detergent compartment correctly. The first thing we need to do is to look through the manufacturer’s instructions that come with the washing machine, know the fabric of the clothes to be washed and the appropriate detergent.

Next, you can use the Detergent compartment as follows to achieve the highest efficiency.

Step 1

Gently pull out the Detergent compartment and add the detergents in the right position as specified by the manufacturer.

Step 2

Use the appropriate amount of detergent for the amount of clothes to be washed to achieve better cleaning efficiency, avoid waste, and help improve the washing machine’s performance.

For washing machines without a separate fabric softener compartment, you should dissolve the fabric softener in water and pour it into the washing drum before the final rinse. Avoid pouring fabric softener directly onto clothes as it will cause fabric softener to stick to the fabric surface.
How to use the Detergent compartment
How to use the Detergent compartment

3 How to clean the Detergent compartment in the washing machine

In addition to using it correctly, we also need to know how to clean the Detergent compartment to achieve optimal cleaning effect. Because if you don’t pay attention to cleaning this part regularly, the long-term dirt residue from the detergent will cause mold and unpleasant odors.

So, you should clean the Detergent compartment at least once a month following the steps below.

Step 1

Press the latch and gently remove the Detergent compartment from the machine.

Step 2

Use a soft brush to gently remove dirt from the Detergent compartment. Then, wash the compartment with water, pay attention to scrubbing the corners and drain holes.

Step 3

Dry and reassemble the Detergent compartment to its original position.

How to clean the Detergent compartment in the washing machine
How to clean the Detergent compartment in the washing machine

Although the Detergent compartment is a small part of the washing machine. But if you know how to use and clean it properly, it will help the washing machine operate more efficiently. Remember to clean this part regularly!

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