Tips for Easier Dressing: 10 Ways to Streamline Your Morning Routine

This article shares 10 tips to help you dress more stylishly and look put together before leaving home.


10 Tips to Help You Dress More Easily

1. Use a Face Covering Before Putting on Clothes

Women often apply makeup before putting on clothes, which can lead to smudges and damage to the clothes. To prevent this, cover your face with a towel before getting dressed. It may seem silly, but it’s a useful trick!

Use a face covering before putting on clothes

2. Fix Off-the-Shoulder Sleeves with Double-Sided Tape

Off-the-shoulder tops can often slip down and cause discomfort. Use double-sided tape to secure the sleeves in place and maintain the shape of the top.

Fix off-the-shoulder sleeves with double-sided tape

3. Make Shoulder Pads with Old Bra Padding

Shoulder pads are a trendy clothing accessory. Use old bra padding and secure it to the shoulder area of your top with tape to create DIY shoulder pads.

Make shoulder pads with old bra padding

4. Solution for Loose-Fitting Pants

If your pants are loose around the waist, use a square scarf to tighten them. Thread the scarf through the back belt loops and tie it to fit your waist. Wear a longer top to cover the back of the pants for a stylish look.

Solution for loose-fitting pants

5. Simple Trick to Keep a Button-Down Shirt in Place

To keep a button-down shirt in place, tuck the shirt tails into the back of your underwear and tuck in the remaining fabric. This will secure the shirt and prevent it from slipping out.

Simple trick to keep a button-down shirt in place

6. Turn a T-Shirt into a Crop Top in No Time

Transform a regular t-shirt into a crop top by stuffing the shirt hem into the bra band. Take your time to ensure the shirt maintains a straight shape.

Turn a t-shirt into a crop top in no time

7. Temporary Solution for Tight Pants

If your pants are too tight, use a hair tie to loop through the buttonhole and secure the pants. Note that this is only a temporary solution and may restrict certain outfit options.

Temporary solution for tight pants

8. How to Tuck in Oversized Shirts

Tuck in an oversized shirt by unbuttoning the last three buttons, spreading the shirt tails to the sides, and tucking in the remaining fabric. This will create a neater and well-fitting look.

How to tuck in oversized shirts

9. Secure Shirt Sleeves with a Hair Tie

Prevent shirt sleeves from slipping down by threading a hair tie through the desired cuff length and pulling up the sleeves. This will keep them in place.

Secure shirt sleeves with a hair tie

10. Make a Choker Necklace with Bra Straps

Use bra straps to create a choker necklace for added style. Simply attach the bra straps to fit around your neck and customize with additional accessories.

Make a choker necklace with bra straps

Above are 10 tips to help you dress more easily. These simple tricks will allow you to wear outfits you love and feel more confident when going out!

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