Top 5 Trending Decorative Curtains for Tet Celebration

Have you ever heard of the top 5 popular types of Tet decorative curtains? If not, then check out our article below for more information.


Spring has arrived, and if you are unsure of how to decorate your home to create a fresh, spring-like atmosphere, then don’t miss out on the following article. We will suggest the top 5 most popular curtains for decoration.

1How to choose Tet decorations

In shopping centers and fairs, you can easily find many areas using bamboo curtains for decoration. You can also buy Tet decorations at home to make your space more lively, beautiful, and bring a Tet atmosphere.

In addition to decorating, bamboo curtains during Tet also contribute to bringing good luck to the homeowners as they are made from natural bamboo and have a wood element that is good for Feng Shui.

How to choose Tet decorations

When choosing Tet decorations, you can choose curtains made from materials such as bamboo, combined with other details such as double baskets, traditional roof tiles, bamboo baskets, etc.

You can decorate bamboo curtains with traditional Tet items such as apricot blossoms, peach blossoms, watermelons, red couplets, chung cakes, New Year trees, firecrackers, etc.

Furthermore, you should choose bamboo curtains with a light yellow color to make the room warmer and more comfortable.

2Top 5 popular Tet decorative curtains

Red Lucky Bamboo Curtains

Red Lucky Bamboo Curtains

Red Lucky Bamboo Curtains are made from thin, woven strips of bamboo. They are used for Tet decoration, and you can add red couplets, fireworks, or some apricot branches on them to create a traditional and cozy Tet atmosphere.

Large Peach Blossom Bamboo Curtains

Large Peach Blossom Bamboo Curtains

The large peach blossom bamboo curtains are decorated with couplets on both sides, some fresh and beautiful peach branches, and chung cakes. They are suitable for Tet decoration in workplaces, homes, and as an interesting virtual living corner for everyone.

Red Fireworks Bamboo Curtains

Red Fireworks Bamboo Curtains

Red Fireworks Bamboo Curtains are suitable for decoration in offices, homes, or photography studios. With models decorated on the curtains such as chung cakes, phao hoa fireworks, they create a high aesthetic value and represent the traditional Vietnamese Tet atmosphere.

Red Couplets Bamboo Curtains

Red Couplets Bamboo Curtains – Happy New Year

During the Tet holiday, the red couplets bamboo curtains are an essential decoration to create a festive atmosphere in your home. Two couplets “Happy New Year” and “May all your wishes come true” are symmetrically attached along with details such as lucky money envelopes, chung cakes, gold coins, etc., creating the beauty and unique features of the traditional Vietnamese Tet.

Gold Coin and Swallow Bamboo Curtains

Gold Coin and Swallow Bamboo Curtains

Inspired by traditional bamboo curtains, the Gold Coin and Swallow Bamboo Curtains are a combination of fresh peach branches, lucky gold coins, and flying golden swallows. This is definitely a decorative item that brings the Tet atmosphere closer than ever before to your home.

3Appropriate places to hang Tet curtains

To make your home more lively and beautiful, you can hang Tet curtains in the following locations:

  • Hang them on the windows: Not only for decoration but also for good lighting, sunshade, and dust protection. You should use curtains with thin bamboo strips and a PU layer to prevent termites.
  • Hang them on the altar: Hanging curtains on the altar helps to receive many auspicious things and dispel bad things. You can use bamboo curtains with suitable patterns to maintain a solemn atmosphere.
  • Hang them on the main door: Many families use curtains to cover the main door instead of aluminum doors, which is modern and helps to create a spacious and cool space.

Appropriate places to hang Tet curtains

We have just introduced to you. Hopefully, you will find a suitable curtain to decorate your home on Tet.