Unique Feature Found Only in Under-Sink Water Filters – Cabinet-mounted

Nowadays, water filters have become an essential part of every Vietnamese household, providing a better quality of life and ensuring the safety and health of our loved ones. There is a wide variety of options available, with constantly updated designs and new features, providing consumers with more choices. One of the latest products on the market is the under-sink water filter - designed to be placed discreetly under the kitchen cabinet.


Modern and Convenient Design

RO water filters are designed with a solid structure, modern and luxurious style. The machine’s body is made of shiny stainless steel, while the top surface is made of thick, durable tempered glass, enhancing the aesthetics of any installation space. The RO water filter is not only suitable for home use but also extremely convenient for office, cafeteria, workshop, factory, restaurant, and eatery.

Clean Water, Effective Impurities Removal

RO water filters are equipped with multiple water filtration cores, at least 6 cores, each playing a separate role in filtration. They mainly help remove impurities such as sediment, soil, algae, heavy metals, rust, various coarse impurities, chemicals, pesticides, odor, chlorine, etc. from your water source, providing you with cleaner and purer water.

Bacteria Elimination, Mineral Enrichment

If you only need to remove impurities, you can use traditional filtration methods without the need for a water filter. However, this advanced product not only removes impurities but also eliminates up to 99.9% of harmful bacteria in water, prevents recontamination, balances pH levels to create a natural sweetness, reduces ORP levels to prevent cancer-causing oxidative agents, and supplements minerals and electrolytes beneficial to the human body.

Therefore, the water after going through the filtration process is not only clean but also nutritious and beneficial to your health.

Drinkable Water without Boiling

These intelligent water filters provide you with a standard amount of clean water that can be directly consumed without the need for boiling, ensuring the absolute safety of users’ health.

Convenient Water Collection

The water faucet is installed at the top of the machine. To collect water, you just need to operate the faucet, making it easy to quickly have a cup of water. The water collection process is extremely convenient for all users, including children and the elderly.

Some RO water filters also come with separate faucets for hot, cold, and regular water, allowing you to easily collect different types of water for cooking, making tea, and refreshing drinks.

Large and Sealed Water Storage Tank

Inside the water filters, there is a large-capacity sealed water storage tank made of high-quality plastic to ensure the safe preservation of drinking water without being invaded by insects, ensuring water hygiene.

Other Amazing Features

The two-way pump operates effectively, providing abundant water input and output. Users do not have to worry about running out of water when needed.

The product has an automatic RO membrane rinsing function to keep the membrane clean, ensuring efficient water filtration and minimizing water wastage.

Modern RO water filters also come with a touch control panel and a clear display screen, allowing you to flexibly customize various functions. These include displaying the water’s cleanliness level, indicating the remaining time to replace the filter cores, and warning of water leakage.

Special Features of Under-sink Water Filters

Simplified and Compact Design

Designed for use in limited spaces such as under-sink installation, under-sink water filters do not have an external cabinet. At the same time, the filtration cores are logically and firmly arranged. Thanks to that, the installation process is simple and convenient.

Optimal Configuration, Ensuring Safety

Despite being modified to fit installation conditions, under-sink water filters still perform well in removing impurities, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, etc. The machine’s configuration consists of 3 parts: coarse filter core, fine filter core, and upgraded core to ensure dedicated tasks.

Suitable Capacity for Demand

Under-sink water filters used for cooking and domestic use require a larger capacity. Therefore, this line of products has a large capacity (about 17-18 liters/hour). This capacity ensures uninterrupted living activities and does not cause inconvenience to users.

Easiest Installation and Assembly

The installation of cabinet-less water filters is very simple. You can completely install them yourself without the need for a technician, saving time as all components are pre-installed and fixed.

More Affordable Price

Reducing the cost of the cabinet also helps to lower the price of the machine. The price ranges from 4,400,000 VND to 6,200,000 VND, depending on the number of filter cores.


Based on your needs, purposes, and financial capacity, you should choose a suitable, high-quality product from a leading brand in the market to ensure peace of mind when using.