Estimating the Volume of Dry Clothes for Washing Machines

Have you ever wondered if you are putting in the right amount of clothes into your washing machine? In this article, we explore the importance of adhering to the maximum amount stated by washing machines in order to keep our clothes in top shape.


What is the washing capacity of a washing machine?

The washing capacity of a washing machine refers to the maximum amount of dry laundry that the machine can effectively wash in one load. For example, an 8.5 kg washing machine can handle up to 8.5 kg of clothes per wash, without water.

However, it is recommended to only fill the machine with 70-80% of its maximum capacity to improve washing efficiency and prolong the lifespan of the machine. For instance, for a 7 kg washing machine, it is advisable to only wash 5-6 kg of clothes per load.

Washing more than the maximum load of the washing machine will not work

Is the washing capacity indicated on the machine for dry or wet clothes?

The washing capacity mentioned by the manufacturer on the washing machine is calculated based on the volume of dry clothes for one wash. After placing the dry clothes in the drum, the machine adds water to a certain level before starting the washing process.

Therefore, if wet clothes are used instead of dry ones, the amount of water added to the drum will be less than usual.

The washing volume shown on the washing machine is calculated for dry clothes

How to determine the appropriate washing machine capacity?

There are various washing machine models available on the market with different capacity levels. To determine the appropriate washing machine capacity for your needs, consider the number of family members and their laundry requirements.

Should choose to buy a washing machine with a washing volume suitable for the number of family members

If you have a small family or a smaller amount of laundry, purchasing a washing machine with a larger capacity may result in unnecessary water and electricity wastage. On the other hand, if you have a larger family with higher washing needs but choose a washing machine with a smaller capacity, it may not be sufficient for your requirements. Hence, it is advisable to consider the appropriate washing machine capacity based on the number of family members:

Family Characteristics Suitable Washing Volume
2 – 3 people Singles or young newlyweds
3 – 5 people Families with few members or children with high washing needs
5 – 7 people Families with many members
Over 7 people Families with multiple generations living together

How to estimate the weight of dry clothes

When estimating the weight of dry clothes, you can refer to a fabric weight estimation table for more accurate results.

Category Weight Category Weight
All kinds of pants, skirts Other clothes
Towels/Loincloths 200g Towel 600g
Skirt 200g Wiper 250g
Trousers 250g Pyjamas 400g
Jeans 400g Underwear 60g
Cotton bras 100g
Underwear 100g
Cotton pillowcase 1.1kg
Other pillowcases 0.85kg
Long socks, 2 pairs 150g
Short socks, 2 pairs 150g Handkerchiefs (6 pcs) 85g
Napkins (12 pieces) 1.1kg
All kinds of dresses, tops Bed sheet
Cotton dress 280g Cotton fabric (double) 1kg
Other types of skirts 200g Cotton fabric (single) 500g
Cotton blouse 140g Non-cotton fabric (double) 650g
Other blouses 100g Non-cotton fabric (single) 400g
Sweater 400g
Heavy sweater 300g
Light sweater 150g

Using this table, you can determine the amount of clothes that can be washed in a washing machine with a specific capacity. For instance, a 7.5 kg washing machine can wash 1 light sweater, 1 bed sheet, 1 pair of jeans, 1 cotton blouse, 1 bath towel, 4 towels, and 1 large tablecloth.

By following these guidelines, you can better understand the washing capacity of a washing machine and ensure optimal washing efficiency.

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