Identifying the Cause of Refrigerator Condensation and How to Eliminate It

Are you dealing with an accumulation of condensation on the exterior and inside of your refrigerator? Dienmay GREEN is here to tell you why it's happening and how to solve the problem.


Refrigerator condenses steam, sweat is very power consuming

Condensation on a refrigerator can be attributed to various factors, including weather conditions, user behavior, and the refrigerator itself.

1 Humid weather

In the southern region of Vietnam, families are less affected by weather conditions, as the wet season mainly occurs in the North. During this season, with high levels of humidity, water vapor tends to accumulate on the surfaces of indoor furniture, including refrigerators.

If you notice water on the front, sides, and top of your refrigerator, it is likely due to the hot weather.

To address this issue, it is recommended to regularly dry your refrigerator if you live in an area with a rainy season.

Weather causes

2 Failure to close the refrigerator door

It is common for people to forget to fully close or leave open the refrigerator door after use. This allows cold air to escape, leading to condensation on the refrigerator.

If you observe condensation but notice that the door is not fully closed or fully open, it is likely due to someone in the household forgetting to close the door properly.

Human cause

3 Worn-out cabinet gasket

Aside from user behavior, condensation can also occur due to a deteriorated cabinet gasket. When the gasket loses its elasticity, it fails to seal the doors tightly, resulting in an inability to keep the cabinet closed.

To address this issue:

– If the cabinet gasket is damaged or has lost elasticity, you can try reconditioning it at home by pouring hot water over it and reattaching it.

– If the problem persists or if there are gaps, you can apply heat to those areas, close the door, and use tape to secure the cabinet tightly for a few hours.

Caused by the refrigerator itself

4 Damaged foam insulation

In addition to damaged cabinet gaskets, condensation can also occur if the foam insulation within the refrigerator is damaged. This allows cold air to escape through the insulation, leading to condensation.

If you observe condensation on the back and sides of the cabinet, it is likely due to damaged foam insulation. In this case, calling a repairman is recommended.

Caused by damaged insulation foam

When a refrigerator experiences condensation, it consumes more electricity as the compressor has to work continuously to compensate for the heat loss. Therefore, it is essential to identify the cause and address it promptly to use the refrigerator efficiently and economically.