What are Cookies?

Many people immediately think of cookies as a delicious cake, but cookies on web browsers have a completely different meaning.

Cookies are files created by the website the user visits. Cookies make your online experience easier by saving browsing information. With cookies, websites can keep you logged in, remember site preferences, and deliver content tailored to the user’s location.

Thus, cookies are often used to save user information on the web browser.

Cookies là gì?

Cookies are of two types:

  • First-party cookies are created by the website the user visits. The web page is displayed in the address bar.
  • Third-party cookies created by other websites. These websites own some of the content such as advertisements or images that users see on the website they visit.

Uses of Cookies on the browser

Cookies make accessing the website of the user faster, more convenient, without taking too much time to log in again and again.

For businesses, the use of cookies will help them track user behavior, thereby knowing how frequently or infrequently they visit, the duration of their visits, or other preferences to optimize the website and its services.

Công dụng của Cookies trong trình duyệt

In addition, storing cookies for businesses will make it easier for their customers to access or simply enter data on that website when the information has been stored.

How to delete and enable cookies management on Chrome

Delete cookies on browser

Step 1: At the top right, click the More icon in the top right corner of the browser, then the Settings tile.

Nhấp vào biểu tượng bên phải góc màn hình, chọn Cài đặt

Step 2: Click Advanced at the bottom.

Chọn Nâng cao ở dưới cùng

Step 3: Under “Privacy and security”, click Content settings.

Trong mục

Step 4: Click Cookies, then View all cookies and site data.

Nhấp vào Cookie sau đó vào Xem tất cả các cookie và dữ liệu trang web.

Step 5: Confirm by clicking Delete All.

Xác nhận bằng cách nhấp vào Xóa tất cả.

Enable or disable cookies

Follow the same steps as deleting cookies until step 4.

After clicking Cookies, you can:

Enable cookies: Next to “Blocked”, toggle the switch to the on position.

Bên cạnh Đã chặn, gạt nút sang vị trí bật

Turn off cookies: Turn off the option “Allow websites to save and read cookie data”.

Tắt Cookies

Above is the most general information about what cookies are. Hope this article provides you with useful information!

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