6 Strategies to Keep Your Kitchen Temperature Low During Summertime

Don't let the summer heat keep you from enjoying a home-cooked meal! XANH has 6 easy tips and tricks to make cooking in the kitchen a breeze, even in the hottest of temperatures. Keep cool and stay comfortable in the kitchen this season!


1. Use Electric Stove Instead of Gas Stove

Electric stoves offer a cooler cooking experience compared to gas stoves. They retain heat better and release minimal amounts, resulting in a cooler kitchen space. Induction cookers and infrared stoves are especially beneficial as they allow for the use of fans or air conditioners while cooking. Additionally, they provide faster cooking times, saving you time in the kitchen.

Use electric stove instead of gas stove

2. Use Floor Fan or Air Conditioner

Using floor fans or air conditioners can quickly cool the air and eliminate food odors from the kitchen. Place a wet cloth in front of a fan to create a cool airflow without blowing everything away. The moisture from the cloth can also help decrease the kitchen’s temperature. Consider using a floor fan or air conditioner with steam generation and multiple wind modes for optimal cooling performance.

Use floor fan or air conditioner

3. Limit the Use of Oven and Microwave During Noon

Ovens and microwaves generate heat in the kitchen. To avoid creating a stuffy and suffocating environment, limit their use during the hot noon hours. Instead, grill dishes in the early morning or evening and refrigerate them for later reheating.

Limit the use of oven, microwave during noon

4. Install a Ventilation System and Exhaust Fan

A ventilation system and exhaust fan are essential for eliminating food odors and heat generated during cooking. When designing your kitchen, ensure proper ventilation to prevent stagnant air and unpleasant smells. This will keep your kitchen fresh and comfortable.

Install a ventilation system, exhaust fan

5. Keep the Windows Open

Utilize natural light sources and allow air circulation by expanding windows or doors during cool times of the day. This will create a fresh atmosphere in the kitchen. Additionally, use moderate power light sources that provide enough illumination for cooking. Turn off any unnecessary lighting devices to save electricity and prevent a stuffy feeling.

Keep the windows open

6. Decorate the Kitchen with Cool Colors

To create a cooler ambiance in your kitchen, consider decorating with cool colors. Neutral tones like white, cream, light wood, and shades of blue or green are ideal choices. These colors will make the kitchen feel fresher, more inviting, and comfortable.

Decorate the kitchen with cool colors

Above are six effective tips to cool down your kitchen. Implementing these strategies will help create a more comfortable and enjoyable cooking environment.