7 Strategies to Select Accessories That Will Make You Stand Out

Are you looking to enhance your outfit with some stylish accessories? Choose items that match the style and color of your look for the perfect finishing touch!


Choose accessories that best match the style or dominant color tone of your outfit.

  1. Stand out with green color

    If you’re looking for ideas to incorporate the vibrant and youthful green color into your outfit, consider choosing accessories that feature a green frame such as glasses. Additionally, a green striped skirt can add a stylish and unique touch to your look.

  2. Light color

    For those who have a long, flared skirt in a cool mint green color, pairing it with sunglasses in the same tone can create a stylish and elegant outfit that feels light and gentle.


  3. Pastel

    Adding a touch of pastel can sweeten any outfit. Consider accessorizing with a clutch featuring a gentle and delicate pastel pattern to freshen up your look without being too bold.

  4. Sensual white

    A white-on-white outfit can exude elegance and modesty, but adding metallic accessories such as a large-faced gold watch, rings, bracelets, necklaces, and a white leather bag can make the outfit more impressive and sensual while still maintaining its sophistication and class.


  5. Pink color

    This year’s fashion shows have been filled with sweet pink colors. To try this trend, consider pairing a light pink loose dress with a bold watch for a feminine style with a touch of dynamism and youthfulness.

  6. Delicate

    Light pastel pink is one of the hottest trends on every fashion runway. Instead of wearing every light pink color you see, choose carefully and tastefully. Opt for accessories such as a satchel, a leather bag, or nude pink glasses to achieve a stylish and feminine look.

  7. Metallic


    Pairing metallic colors with black can create an alluring look. To make your black color stand out and feel more unique, consider incorporating a large-faced metallic watch or small and beautiful bracelets and necklaces with a metallic shine into your outfit.

(According to Trí Thức Trẻ)

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