8 Effective Tips to Respond to Insults

In life, not everyone treats others kindly and gently. That is why it is important for you to equip yourself with the necessary tips when encountering situations that make you feel offended.

In our society, offending someone is a way to diminish one’s value and elevate the value of others. This is based on the anger that someone has about their social status, to project it onto others. Of course, just because the other person is angry doesn’t mean you have to show anger in return. And you don’t have to silently accept the damage to yourself, as this can lead them to continue disrespecting you.

1. You can say “Thank you”

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Instead of getting angry and starting an argument with the other person, simply end the conversation between the two of you by saying “thank you.” This can make the other person lower their guard and have nothing else to say, if their goal is to provoke you. That sentence lets them know that you accept their comment and want to move on, as if nothing happened. Of course, this is in cases where the insult is very light.

2. You can stay calm or become sarcastic

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It’s easy to advise someone to behave morally, but sometimes you feel the need to respond after hearing an insult. You can successfully do that by coming up with a clever, humorous answer to the person in front of you. You don’t have to use hurtful words towards them, but a sarcastic clapback will help you retaliate and make the other person realize that you’re not a pushover.

3. You can acknowledge some of their criticism

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The other person may not be negative and may want to let you know your weaknesses. Their intention may be good, but they simply don’t know how to express their feelings properly. In this case, you can accept some of their criticism, but let them know that the words should be more thoughtful.

4. You can make a joke

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Some people just want to harm others, while others don’t know how to express themselves properly. Either way, you can let them say their insulting words and respond with humor and fun. You don’t have to show how offended you are, but you can stay calm and reply. Your attitude may make the other person realize that these types of comments don’t bother you.

5. You can reverse the pressure

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When standing under the spotlight, you may feel pressured to respond quickly. However, it will be a big lesson for the other person to experience the same pressure and see how they feel. Moreover, by putting them in a position to answer such questions, you have more time to think about your response. During that time, the other person will have to explain their behavior towards you and talk about themselves.

6. You can change the subject

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If someone says something that makes you uncomfortable, you can simply find something else to talk about. This is often a good choice when a comment doesn’t necessarily need to be made if it’s hurtful or offensive, even invasive and too private for you to talk about. The other person may follow your lead and start a new conversation about something else. That’s how you keep calm and avoid disagreements.

7. You can sarcastically respond to them

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Others may voice their opinions to you without asking, but when the tone is judgmental, their opinion is something you don’t want. The best choice here is to stay calm and confidently let them know how insignificant that opinion is to you. You can add a small smile at the end of the sentence to show that you are not at all affected by their rudeness.

8. You can address the insult bluntly

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Those who insult others often don’t realize that they are being rude, or they don’t expect to face that. By directly stating that they are rude and judgmental, you force them to explain their behavior or apologize to you. This is a way to show respect and make it clear that you won’t let anyone treat you less than that.

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