Boy finds an Unexpectedly Heartbreaking End when Trying to Chase Away Ants with a Jar of Sugar

Having tried out all those life hacks for a shortcut to success, it appears that not all of them work as promised.


There is no doubt that life hacks have been extremely helpful in various aspects, including cooking and eating. Recently, a clever trick to deal with ants invading a sugar jar caught people’s attention. The trick involved drying the jar in the sun, a method that has been widely used and proven successful by many. Therefore, without much hesitation, the person in question took the sugar jar out to the balcony to dry under the sun.

However, as they say, “even the best-laid plans can go awry.” The jar’s owner underestimated the unpredictable nature of weather changes. Unfortunately, just when he thought the ants would be gone by the evening, it started to rain. The person couldn’t retrieve the sugar jar in time, and the outcome was…

Bringing a jar of sugar to dry in the sun to chase away ants, the boy received a tearful ending

This scene evokes both sympathy and amusement among many:

– It’s alright, at least we have sugar water.
– Let’s quickly boil it for instant sugar.
– Put it in a tray and freeze it, then take out one cube at a time to mix with water.
– Hurry up and buy some beans to make tea.
– Let’s resort to using colored water for cooking.

Bringing a jar of sugar to dry in the sun to chase away ants, the boy received a tearful ending - Photo 2.

Source: TikTok @2tung anh

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