Does using a computer late at night affect sleep?

Does leaving your computer on overnight really drain power and reduce its lifespan? Have you ever wondered how this habit affects your sleep and overall health?


A lot of people keep their computers on their bed and leave them very close to them when they stop using them to go to sleep. After many hours, the computer is still not turned off.

Does leaving the computer on overnight affect sleep?

Computers emit a considerable amount of radiation, especially laptops, which can be harmful to the human body. For people who have the habit of not turning off their computers when they go to sleep, or because they work late and forget to turn them off, leaving the computer on all night can have a significant impact on the brain.

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Does leaving the computer on overnight affect sleep? The answer is yes. (Image: Magazine)

According to researchers, leaving the computer on overnight may even be worse than having a smartphone next to you when you sleep.

So, can leaving the computer on overnight affect sleep when it affects the brain? TS Joanna Cooper, a neurologist and sleep expert at the Sutter East Bay Health Organization (USA), states that this habit can make your sleep shallow and restless.

The RGB light from the computer screen at night makes it difficult for you to fall asleep. Additionally, the noise from the fan throughout the night can also disrupt sleep quality. The result is headaches and dizziness upon waking up due to the brain being exposed to noise, electromagnetic waves, and the thermal radiation emitted by the computer.

Therefore, to have a good sleep and avoid the effects of radiation on the brain, you should turn off your computer before going to bed and avoid sleeping next to it.

The harmful effects of using a computer before sleep

Using a computer for a long time before sleep can lead to the following issues:

Sleep disorders

Using a computer before sleep can affect the eyes due to the brightness of the screen and the switching of program activities, which stimulates the nervous system, changes body temperature, and affects sleep quality, causing insomnia, sleep disorders, nightmares, etc.

TS Joanna Cooper explains that the device’s screen emits blue light, which is the most active part of the light spectrum in the human sleep cycle. This stimulation inhibits the production of melatonin, making it difficult for you to fall asleep.

“Lack of sleep or poor sleep quality increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, and obesity,” says Joanna Cooper. Therefore, it is best not to use the computer two hours before sleep. Avoid placing your computer or phone on the bed to create the best sleeping environment.

Increased cancer risk

Computer radiation pollution affects the circulatory system, immune system, reproduction, metabolism, and, more seriously, can cause certain types of cancer and accelerate the development of cancer cells in the body.

Impact on the reproductive system

Excessive computer use before sleep can reduce sperm quality in males, affecting reproductive capacity, causing natural miscarriages or congenital malformations.

Impact on the cardiovascular system

This harmful habit can cause an increased heart rate, insomnia, menstrual disorders, slow heart rate, reduced blood volume in the heart, arrhythmia, decreased white blood cells, and decreased immune function.

Impact on vision

Using the computer excessively at night is harmful to human vision because the eyes are sensitive to electromagnetic radiation. High levels of electromagnetic radiation pollution directly affect vision, causing visual impairment and vitreous opacity.

According to VTC news

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