Don’t Put These Clothes in the Dryer!

Are you aware that there are 10 garments which you should avoid putting in your clothes dryer? Find out which garments they are and how to care for them with Ði?n máy XANH today!


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We would like to invite you to refer to a series of videos that provide information about items that should not be put in the dryer. These videos will help you understand how to properly care for your clothes and prevent any damage. Please click on the link below to watch the videos:


Bras have a special design that can be easily stretched or deformed if placed in the dryer. To maintain the shape and longevity of your bras, it is recommended to air-dry them in a sunny area. Remember to turn them over halfway through the drying process.


2Synthetic fabric clothes

Synthetic fabric clothes, such as polyester or nylon, have a higher risk of shrinking when washed and dried in a machine. It is advisable to hand wash these clothes and hang them to dry. If using a dryer, closely monitor the drying process to prevent any damage.

Synthetic fabric

3Silk clothes

Silk is a delicate fabric that should not be placed in a dryer as it can stretch, lose elasticity, or even be damaged. It is recommended to wash silk clothes with a neutral detergent and air-dry them by laying them flat.


4Wool clothes

Wool clothes should not be put in a dryer as they can be easily damaged. It is advisable to let them air-dry naturally to maintain their shape and color.

Wool clothes

5Lace clothes

Lace clothes should be air-dried to prevent damage, tearing, or sticking to other clothes. While it is possible to use a dryer, it is recommended to let lace clothes dry naturally.


6String bikini tops

Although it is generally safe to dry string bikini tops in a dryer, there is a risk of the strings getting caught and causing damage. To ensure their safety, it is recommended to put string bikini tops in a laundry bag before drying.

String bikini tops

7Tight-fitting clothes

Clothes that fit tightly should not be placed in a dryer to prevent further shrinking. It is advisable to air-dry these clothes to maintain their size and fit.

Tight-fitting clothes

8Colorfast clothes

Clothes that have a tendency to bleed color should not be dried in a dryer as it can cause color transfer to other clothes. It is recommended to soak these clothes separately or wash them separately to avoid staining.

Colorfast clothes

9Leather items

Leather items should be avoided in the dryer as high temperatures can cause damage and cracking. It is recommended to clean stains on leather items with coconut oil or Vaseline and hang them in a cool, well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight.

Leather items

10Clothes with many accessories

Clothes with accessories such as studs, metal pieces, or pearls should not be placed in a dryer. The accessories can fall off and damage the dryer, and high temperatures can distort them and cause damage to the clothes. It is best to air-dry these clothes.

Clothes with many accessories

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