Tips for Keeping in Shape During the EURO Tournament

As the start of the highly anticipated EURO tournament draws near, football fans are ready to enjoy the thrill of watching their favorite teams compete. But while the excitement of watching great matches on TV is boundless, it is imperative to remember to prioritize health and safety during this period. Therefore, keeping a few simple points in mind can help make the celebrations all the more enjoyable.


“Preparing for Outdoor Football: Steps to Stay Healthy and Dry”

Football fans are enthusiastic about tracking thrilling matches, often congregating in outdoor public spaces, especially cafes with large screens. Some fans go as far as bringing the excitement to their neighborhoods, where they can watch and engage in discussions about remarkable football moments.

Watching football in certain environments can pose health risks. Sitting outside to watch football in the evening or at night can lead to catching a cold from the night dew seeping into your body.

To mitigate this issue, it is advisable to carry a vial of eucalyptus oil whenever attending a football game. On occasion, you may apply a small amount of eucalyptus oil to your chest, temples, and feet to maintain body warmth.

Watching football outdoors

Beware of Excessive Coffee and Stimulant Use

For football enthusiasts who may still be attending school or performing their professional duties, it can be challenging to catch up on live matches during late hours. In such instances, individuals often resort to consuming coffee or stimulants, such as energy drinks, to stay alert and enjoy the game.

Drinking coffee in the evening is a highly detrimental habit with significant health consequences. Consuming coffee during this time can disrupt one’s sleep schedule and adversely impact the function of the nervous system, ultimately compromising the body’s immune system.

Avoid excessive coffee and stimulants

To stay alert while watching, simply retrieve ice cubes from the freezer, place them in a designated bag or handkerchief, and apply the cold ice to your wrists and face as needed to combat drowsiness. Additionally, you may find it helpful to chew mint gum while engaging in football viewing.

apply cold ice to stay awake

How to Avoid Dengue Fever: 3 Tips for Preventing Insect Bites

Tips for Watching Football on Rainy Days

Insects, especially mosquitoes, can often be a nuisance when watching football on rainy days. To ensure a comfortable experience, it is advisable to have proper protection against insect bites. Having a mosquito spray or mosquito repellent cream at hand can effectively prevent mosquito bites and other insect-related discomforts.

If you experience an insect bite and are feeling itchy and uncomfortable, peppermint essential oil can be used topically to effectively alleviate pain and reduce swelling.

Watching football at night is prone to insect bites

US Government Urges Limiting of Alcohol Intake

According to findings from the Ministry of Health, excessive consumption of beer and alcohol has been linked to an increased vulnerability to various health complications. These include depression, anxiety, liver cirrhosis, pancreatitis, cardiovascular disease, as well as oral and nasal cancer. Prolonged and excessive alcohol intake can also have a detrimental effect on the immune system, weakening its overall functionality.

To preserve one’s health, it is advisable to refrain from excessive alcohol consumption and the consumption of alcoholic beverages while watching. It is crucial to remain attentive while viewing and enthusiastically supporting the exhilarating matches, while avoiding the excessive consumption of alcohol.

Additionally, employing this approach can effectively prevent the occurrence of conflicts, fights, and other undesirable circumstances that may arise from impulsive speech or impaired judgment.

Effective and easy to implement ways to drink alcohol without getting drunk on Tet

Establishing a Healthy Sleep Routine to Stay Energized

For optimal health, it is recommended that individuals, especially those who are young and in good health, aim for a minimum of six hours of sleep per day. It is important to prioritize adequate sleep even if recreational activities, such as watching football matches late at night, are of interest. Failing to obtain sufficient sleep can result in feelings of fatigue, reduced cognitive function, and diminished energy levels for daily tasks and responsibilities.

To optimize your schedule, consider prioritizing rest and relaxation. You may choose to allocate time for an early bedtime, followed by waking up to enjoy watching football. Additionally, a brief nap can be incorporated before heading to work. Capitalize on lunch breaks as an opportunity to rejuvenate with a short nap. By incorporating these practices, you can effectively reinvigorate your productivity and enthusiasm for work and study.

Have a proper sleep routine to get enough sleep

Limit Late Stays for People with Health Conditions

Individuals with coronary artery disease, heart disease, and hypertension who engage in late-night viewing of matches while experiencing heightened tension or excessive excitement may potentially encounter hazardous episodes of elevated blood pressure.

It is strongly advised against staying up late due to the potential effects it may have on your biological clock and emotional well-being. Even if blood pressure is well controlled with medication, it is still not recommended to stay up late to watch events of interest. In the case of a particularly captivating match, it is recommended to adjust sleeping patterns by retiring early between 9-10 pm and rising at 1-2 am to enjoy the football spectacle.

It is important to prioritize the monitoring of your health and maintain regular control over your blood pressure.

Check blood pressure status

The passion for football can be inexhaustible for those who love the sport. However, it is important for football fans to take care of themselves throughout the entire season in order to avoid any negative impact on their health.