Kitchen Hacks to Make Cooking a Breeze

There are some simple things in life that help you achieve the seemingly impossible. Here is a collection of perfect kitchen tips that will save you time and solve the hassle of cooking.


Kitchen Tips to Make Cooking Much Easier - 1

– If you put the meat in the freezer for a while, it will be easier to slice it thin like paper.

– If you find it annoying to peel garlic, simply cut off the root and slice it with the flat side of the knife blade, then put it in a lidded container and shake vigorously, the skin will peel off by itself.

– Smoked meat. Unless you’re vegetarian, it makes almost every dish better.

– You can peel ginger skin with a spoon without worrying about damaging the ginger.

– Use dental floss to cut through soft things like cheese or cake.

– Keep avocado in the freezer and then lightly bake and mash it into dough easier and faster.

– Put frozen grapes in your wine to keep it chilled and not diluted.

– Eggs are easiest to peel if you add a little bicarb to the water and then drop the egg into cold water.

– Freeze peeled bananas and then blend them into smoothies very easily and tastier.

– Citrus fruits, tomatoes, cheese, and chocolate are all best at room temperature.

Kitchen Tips to Make Cooking Much Easier - 2

– Before cutting chili, rub your hands with vegetable oil to prevent them from absorbing chili oil.

– Take your noodles out of the pot just a little before eating. When you pour them into a colander, place a pot underneath to catch hot water. The steam will keep the noodles hot and prevent them from sticking together.

– To get rid of any lingering smells on your hands, wash them with salt or rub them against a stainless steel tap, the effect will be surprising.

– Don’t let leftover wine go to waste. Freeze it in small ice trays and use it for adding to sauces or cooking soups.

– Stick a stalk of celery into a bread bag if you find the bread starting to get stale. This will help keep the bread fresher.

– If your soup or stew is too salty, don’t worry, just peel a potato and “little guy” will absorb all the salt. (Takes about 10 minutes.)

Kitchen Tips to Make Cooking Much Easier - 3

– Soak popcorn kernels in water for 10 minutes, drain the water and then put them in the microwave, you will have super smooth and crispy popcorn.

– Peel potatoes after boiling them and soak them in cold water for a while. When mashed, they will be very smooth.

– Chicken breast is most delicious if you slice and pound it lightly to make the meat more tender. If you marinate it for frying, cut the meat short and crosswise, when fried it will be crispy, tasty, and easier to bite.

– Cut cilantro with a plastic or ceramic knife to keep the cuts from turning black.

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