Never do this when thawing pork or you’ll regret it

According to experts, a crucial principle that housewives should remember is to cook meat immediately after thawing, avoiding leaving it out or refreezing it.


Nowadays, many families have the habit of freezing food to use gradually over 1-2 weeks, or even longer depending on their needs. Among them, pork is a commonly chosen food by many housewives to consume gradually because it is a common and affordable food.

However, in order for frozen pork to maintain its freshness and taste when cooked, the thawing process plays a crucial role. In fact, many people still do not know how to thaw meat properly.

According to Associate Professor Dr. Nguyen Duy Thinh, former member of the Institute of Biotechnology and Food Technology (Hanoi University of Science and Technology), pork and other frozen foods, if not thawed properly, can lose quality, lose the flavor of the meat, and become mushy and more prone to spoilage.

Never do this when thawing pork, or you'll regret it-1
Thawing meat incorrectly can make it lose texture and become more prone to spoilage. Illustration photo

Among these mistakes, the most common one is that many people let the meat thaw on the outside without immediate cooking. Or some people have the habit of using only a part of the thawed meat and then putting the remaining part back in the freezer. This is a harmful practice because once the meat is frozen, leaving it out in the open environment can expose it to bacteria and can be harmful to consumers.

In addition, many people place the meat in a sink and pour water from the tap directly onto the meat. This is also a wrong way to thaw the meat, as it can cause the meat to become watery and wash away the nutrients in the meat. Particularly, using hot water to thaw meat is something that should be avoided.

To avoid these mistakes when thawing meat, Associate Professor Dr. Nguyen Duy Thinh advises that the important principle that housewives need to remember is to cook the meat immediately after thawing, avoiding leaving it out in the open environment or refreezing it.

Regarding the methods of thawing meat to maintain its freshness, Associate Professor Dr. Nguyen Thi Lam, former Vice Director of the National Institute of Nutrition, suggests that there are many methods of thawing meat for housewives to choose from, depending on whether they want to thaw it quickly or slowly.

Accordingly, to preserve the maximum nutrients of the meat, it is recommended to place the meat from the freezer to the refrigerator compartment to thaw it slowly. However, this method takes a considerable amount of time for thawing. For example, if we want to eat meat in the evening, we can put the meat in the refrigerator compartment in the morning and take it out for cooking when needed.

Never do this when thawing pork, or you'll regret it-2

Putting the meat from the freezer to the refrigerator to thaw slowly will help maintain the freshness of the meat. Illustration photo

Note that the meat should not be left in the refrigerator compartment for too long (several days without cooking) because if left for too long, the meat will release water, affecting the quality of the meat and causing odor for other foods, vegetables, and fruits being stored in the refrigerator compartment.

Another method is to soak the meat in clean water. However, it is important to note that the meat must be sealed in a plastic bag or stored in a food container. Thawing using this method usually takes 15-30 minutes depending on the weight of the meat.

Another effective method for quick thawing that still retains the nutrients is to soak the meat in warm water (about 40 degrees Celsius) and add a little sugar. The soaking time is about 5-7 minutes.

In case there is not much time to wait, the microwave can be used for quick thawing. However, the microwave should not be set at a too high temperature, as the meat can become cooked on the outer surface but not completely thawed on the inside. The microwave should be set at a moderate temperature with a suitable time according to the weight of the meat.

Tips for choosing good meat and freezing it properly

Nutrition experts believe that to maximize the nutritional value of pork, it is necessary to know how to choose fresh and high-quality meat, which comes from healthy pigs and has not been injected with growth stimulants, ensuring food safety and hygiene.

When choosing meat, housewives should pay attention to the following points:

Never do this when thawing pork, or you'll regret it-3

Choose pork with a bright color, a non-sticky surface, and a degree of resilience when pressed. Illustration photo

– The color of the meat: Fresh meat has a bright red or pink color. White meat indicates that the meat has been stored for a long time or the pork is not good, or the pig is sick.

– Fresh pork feels resilient when pressed, without deep dents where pressed. The surface is dry, not wet or watery. Especially, when smelling it, there should be no strange odor, especially the smell of medicine.

After buying fresh meat, if the purpose is to consume it gradually, it must be cleaned and frozen right away because it contains a lot of protein and is easily decomposed and spoiled if kept at room temperature for too long.

When freezing, if it is a whole large piece of meat, it is recommended to divide the meat into smaller portions that suit the family’s meal needs. It is not advisable to freeze a whole piece of meat and then thaw it, as it takes time and does not guarantee the safety of food hygiene when it is not fully consumed and has to be refrozen.

Notes for cooking meat after thawing

After thawing the meat properly, we should proceed to cook it as usual. Many people think that the meat is still cold after thawing and needs to be cooked for a longer time for the meat to be fully cooked. This is not entirely true. In fact, if cooked for too long, the meat can lose its quality and the delicious and sweet taste that it originally had.


Source: Gia đình & Xã hội

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