“Prevent Car Sickness in Your Children – 10 Easy Tips”

Looking for ways to make road trips with your children more enjoyable? Check out these 10 tips to help prevent car sickness and make your trip fun.


Parents should remember these 10 tips to help children avoid motion sickness when traveling long distances, making the trip more enjoyable and interesting.

Effective motion sickness prevention methods

Tips to relieve motion sickness during Tet holiday

1. Before getting on the car, avoid feeding your child too much, especially fatty foods. It is best to feed the child porridge before departure. Eating porridge helps children release excess energy and restore blood sugar levels, minimizing feelings of nausea. Avoid letting the child eat too much or consume alcoholic beverages. Absolutely do not let the child drink milk before and during the trip, as it may cause motion sickness.

2. Keep the child busy while in the car. This will distract them and minimize feelings of discomfort and nervousness. However, avoid letting the child read books or newspapers, as this can increase the likelihood of motion sickness.

3. Maintain a relaxed and cheerful mood as psychology greatly affects motion sickness. Talk to the child about the upcoming trip to mentally prepare them and prevent any shock during the journey. Over time, the child will become accustomed to the tiredness before the trip.

4. If the child vomits due to motion sickness, give them a small amount of water to eliminate the lingering smell of vomit in their mouth.

Tips to prevent motion sickness in children

5. Light foods or candies can be beneficial as they help the child avoid motion sickness without causing discomfort.

6. Bring the child’s favorite toys to keep them interested and focused during the car ride.

7. Utilize the soothing scents of orange peel, lemon peel, peppermint, ginger, etc., to deodorize the car and reduce motion sickness in children. Avoid letting the child eat oranges or tangerines, as this may increase the likelihood of motion sickness. Also, refrain from drinking carbonated drinks containing stimulants like alcohol and coffee, as they can dehydrate the body.

8. If possible, have the child sit in the front seat to reduce shocks and provide a greater field of vision. If traveling in a passenger car, choose seats near the window so that the child can see the scenery outside.

9. Consider giving the child motion sickness medicine at least half an hour before departure. Consult a pharmacist for the appropriate medication based on the child’s age and weight. One hour before the trip, give the child the recommended dosage of the prescribed medicine.

10. Ensure the child gets enough sleep before departure as a well-rested child will have a healthier trip without motion sickness or nausea.

Above are some useful tips for parents to help children avoid motion sickness when traveling long distances.

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