Protecting Clothes and Shoes from Dampness and Mold in Humid Weather

Are your clothes feeling the affects of the humidity of the rainy season? Worrying about potential mold growth? Don't sweat - XANH Electrical Appliances can help you out with some great tips on how to maintain the longevity and look of your garments!


Tips for Clothing Preservation

Notes for Washing

Appropriate Washing Time:

  • Choose the Right Washing Time: Avoid washing clothes in the evening or at night as leaving wet clothes overnight can result in moisture and mold. Instead, wash clothes during the day or in the early morning when there is less rain, and the clothes will dry faster.
  • Avoid Washing Clothes on Rainy Days: If you wash clothes on rainy days, it will be difficult to dry them, and they may become damp, causing wrinkles and mold. If necessary, wash clothes by hand and dry them indoors.

Panasonic Inverter 10.5 Kg washing machine NA-V105FC1LV with integrated drying function

Integrated Function of Bactericidal Action

Amount of Laundry for Each Wash:

  • Do Not Overload the Washing Machine: This can result in clothes not being cleaned thoroughly or clothes getting tangled and stuck together.
  • Prioritize Washing Lighter Clothes First: Heavy clothes can twist when washed with lighter clothes, making it more difficult for the light clothes to get clean and increasing the risk of damage to the material.

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Recognizes the Washing Weight to Optimize Water and Detergent Usage

Notes for Drying

On Sunny Days:

  • When the weather is sunny, take advantage of it to hang clothes outside for them to dry quickly and smell fresher. However, make sure to spread the clothes evenly and widely to facilitate faster drying.
  • When hanging clothes, use hangers or clips to help them dry faster and maintain their flatness.

On Rainy Days:

  • You can choose a suitable place indoors to dry your clothes. Avoid drying clothes in the kitchen as they can easily get food stains. Also, avoid drying them in the bathroom as clothes can become more damp and prone to mold.

Set of 6 adult plastic clothes hangers from Dong Tam MA 009, suitable for various types of clothing

Suitable for Various Types of Clothing

Drying When Necessary

In case you don’t have enough space to hang or the weather is consistently bad, using a dryer is a solution to help clothes dry faster. However, the dryer only helps with drying the clothes and does not make them cleaner or fresher. Therefore, it is advisable to iron the clothes before wearing them to remove bacteria and mold. Additionally, ironing helps make the clothes look better and more presentable.

Uses Steam Drying Technology

Clothing Preservation, Especially Underwear, Done Correctly

After washing, make sure to let the clothes and underwear dry completely before putting them in the wardrobe. Put moisture-absorbing sachets in the wardrobe and in the underwear storage box to reduce moisture and prevent mold.

You can carefully preserve underwear during the humid season by washing each piece separately, soaking in scented water, and drying each piece separately. It is recommended to use warm water for washing underwear to help them dry faster. After that, wait for the clothes to be completely dry and store them in a separate compartment of the wardrobe.

Use moisture-absorbing sachets in the wardrobe to prevent moisture and mold

Use Moisture-Absorbing Sachets in the Wardrobe to Prevent Moisture and Mold

Tips for Shoe Preservation

For Waterlogged Shoes

– First, remove the insoles and let them dry indoors.

– Use a wet cloth to wipe off the dirt, then use a dry cloth to wipe it again. Stuff small pieces of newspaper into the shoes; this will help absorb water and prevent the shoes from deforming, and change the newspaper 2-3 times (within 1-2 days).

– Absolutely avoid exposing the shoes to direct sunlight, as it will make the leather stiff, tight, and prone to cracking.

Use a wet cloth to wipe off the dirt, then wipe it again with a dry cloth

Use a Wet Cloth to Wipe Off the Dirt, Then Wipe It Again with a Dry Cloth

For Leather Shoes

– For this type of shoes, it is advisable to avoid rain and water exposure as they are more likely to lose their adhesion. Do not let leather shoes come into contact with gasoline, oil, acid, or alkali, as they can stain and even damage the leather.

If it's leather shoes, you should avoid rain as they are prone to deformation

If It’s Leather Shoes, You Should Avoid Rain as They Are Prone to Deformation

For Suede Shoes

– Use a soft wet cloth to wipe the shoes clean and let them dry naturally, especially do not use shoe polish.

Use a soft wet cloth to clean the dirt on suede shoes

Use a Soft Wet Cloth to Clean the Dirt on Suede Shoes

For Daily Use Shoes

– Clean and polish them 1-2 times a week.

– If the shoes are rarely worn, it is also advisable to polish them before use. For shoes that need to be stored waiting for a special occasion, polish or apply shoe polish to make them clean, put some paper inside to prevent deformation, and then put them in plastic bags for storage.

You should polish the shoes to always keep them shiny and new-looking

You Should Polish the Shoes to Always Keep Them Shiny and New-Looking

How to Deal with Musty Clothes Due to Humid Weather

Use a little vodka to easily remove musty smell from clothes.

Steps to Follow:

  • Step 1: Pour a little vodka into a spray bottle, dilute it with water at a ratio of 1:1 if the musty smell on the clothes is not too strong.
  • Step 2: Spray it evenly on the surface of the clothes; the vodka will eliminate all the musty smell and not leave any odor behind, so you can be completely confident.
  • Step 3: Hang the clothes on a hanger and dry them in a well-ventilated area.

Mix vodka with water to easily remove musty smell from clothes

Mix Vodka with Water to Easily Remove Musty Smell from Clothes

I hope that with the useful tips for preserving clothes during the humid season in the above article, you can apply them to have clean and fresh outfits for yourself and your loved ones!