Reasons to Use Airplane Mode Even When You’re Not Flying

Whether you fly or not, this feature on smartphones and tablets can bring you many benefits.


The airplane mode on most smartphones and tablets will cut off mobile, wireless, and Bluetooth connections so that they do not interfere with the aircraft’s communication system. This mode has some other useful side effects of airplane mode. Here are a few reasons why you should use airplane mode even when you’re not flying:

Reasons to use airplane mode even when you’re not flying. (Illustrative photo)

Extend your remaining battery life

Mobile communication is one of the main causes of battery drain on your phone. To determine the location of cell towers, your phone has to constantly emit radio waves. When there’s no network, your phone will emit stronger signals to extend the search range. This is also true when you’re indoors or moving at high speeds.

So, turning on airplane mode can significantly save your battery life. You can still use your device to listen to music, play games, or watch offline movies without worrying about running out of battery.

Speed up charging

In most cases, the more power a device consumes, the slower it charges because the device is using power at the same time as it’s trying to store power. Especially if you don’t have a phone that supports fast charging, you’ll want to speed up the charging process to save time. In this case, you can turn on airplane mode.

Fix mobile signal issues

When your phone loses signal, instead of turning it off and on again, you can choose a quicker way to fix it by toggling airplane mode on and off. Turning on and off airplane mode will help reset the mobile signal, making it easier to find a network.

Ensure safety when children use a phone

Wrong number calls often happen when children use a phone. To avoid unnecessary hassles, parents can turn on airplane mode so that the phone can’t perform tasks like sending messages or making calls.

Experience the world around you

When you always have your phone in hand, it’s difficult to focus on things happening around you. Turning on airplane mode can help you worry less about waiting messages and concentrate on what’s happening in the present. In conclusion, airplane mode is a useful feature that you can use in many different situations.

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