Removing Oily Layer from Soup Pot with Paper Towel Transformed Dish to Delicious Meal Thanks to Restaurant Chef

Say goodbye to the days of back-breaking scrubbing to remove layers of grease scum - now all that's required is just a few quick seconds to get rid of it!


When cooking soups, it is common for fat foam to appear, which can be quite unappealing to many people. Despite the efforts put into stewing the bones and seasoning the soup perfectly, the presence of fat foam can significantly reduce the quality and taste of the dish.

Picture of fat foam

Fat foam is something annoying but often appears when cooking soups.

Fortunately, there is a simple and effective solution to completely remove the fat foam. By using a piece of paper towel, you can easily absorb the surface of the soup and remove the fat foam that accumulates on top.

Gif demonstrating the removal of fat foam using a paper towel

A restaurant chef demonstrates how to remove fat foam by gently absorbing the surface of the soup bowl with a paper towel.

By following this method, you can achieve clear soup without any cloudiness, allowing you to see all the meat and vegetables in the dish. Remember to keep this helpful tip in mind and use it whenever needed!

Before picture of a soup bowl with fat foam

This is the soup bowl before removing the fat foam.

After picture of a soup bowl with fat foam removed using a paper towel

And this is the soup bowl after removing the fat foam with a paper towel.

With this secret technique, you can enjoy soups that are free from fat foam and have enhanced flavor. Happy cooking!

(Source: Los Angeles Times)

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