Should I unplug my washing machine after each use? Turns out I’ve been using it for 10 years without knowing.

According to a survey, almost every household has the habit of leaving their washing machine plugged in after use, without unplugging it and leaving it fixed day after day.


Below are 5 types of electrical items that we commonly use in our daily lives. After using them, it is important to unplug them to avoid any unfortunate accidents.

1. Electric cooker

This is a type of electrical item that we use on a daily basis. But if we don’t unplug it after using it, it will waste electricity. Keeping it plugged in for a long time can also cause the cooker to deteriorate quickly, reducing its lifespan. If you find it inconvenient to unplug the cooker, you can buy a socket with a switch, so you can easily turn off all the appliances with just one switch.

2. Washing machine

According to surveys, almost every household has the habit of leaving the washing machine plugged in even when not in use. They don’t know the harm it can cause. If you have this habit, it is important to change it.

The place where the washing machine is usually located is often humid, such as in the hallway, and even a little rain can make the hallway damp. If you are not careful and the power socket gets wet, it can result in electric leakage. Therefore, whether you place the washing machine in the bathroom or the hallway, always remember to unplug it after use to prevent overheating and electric leakage.

3. Water heater

Most households use electric water heaters. When using an electric water heater, it is best to heat the water to the desired temperature and then turn it off before using.

An electric water heater has a function to keep the water warm, so if it is not unplugged, it will remain in the warm keeping state and automatically heat up when the water temperature drops. Not to mention the electricity cost, this can also lead to a major hidden danger. If there is an electric leakage while showering, it can be fatal.

4. TV

Many people have the habit of turning off the TV using the remote control to save time. However, in this case, the device will go into standby mode and still consume a considerable amount of electricity. Through experiments, it has been found that this amount can be more than 24W per day.

Especially, the energy consumption will be even higher for modern TVs with advanced technologies and large screen sizes. Therefore, from now on, it is important to develop the habit of turning off the power from the TV or even unplugging it completely to reduce the electricity bill for the household.

5. Mobile phone

Nowadays, we can’t live without our smartphones. When charging our phones, it is important to unplug the charger after it is fully charged and not leave it plugged into the socket. If you leave it plugged in, it will accelerate the deterioration of the charger, and the plug may become hot and cause short circuits, which can lead to unwanted accidents.



Source: thoidaiplus

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