Strategies for Safeguarding Electronics from Storm Damage

In this article, XANH Electronics will be taking a look at the five most commonly used household electrical appliances that are prone to damage brought on by wet weather. We'll explore the best ways to prevent damage and the steps required to work towards getting repairs done if needed.


1. Damage to Electrical Equipment During Damp and Rainy Weather


Televisions are particularly susceptible to damage and electric shocks during rainy weather. This is because they are often mounted on walls, placed in cabinets, or directly on the floor, making it easy for moisture to accumulate. Issues that can occur with televisions in high humidity include distorted images, reduced picture quality, interference, and electrical shorts. See image below:

Android Tivi Sony 4K 43 inch KD-43X75A

Speakers and Amplifiers

Other devices such as speakers and amplifiers are also at risk of malfunction and deterioration in quality during rainy days. When exposed to high humidity, metal details can corrode and wear, while wooden speakers can develop mold and affect sound quality. See image below:

Loa 2.1 là gì?

Laptop and Desktop Computers

Laptops and desktop computers are also vulnerable to damage during rainy and humid days. However, since these devices are often placed in well-ventilated areas like desks, the exposure to humid air is reduced. It is still important to clean them regularly and avoid excessive use on stormy days. See image below:

Laptop itel ABLE 1S N4020/4GB/256GB/Win11 (71006300027)

Washing Machines

When using washing machines during the rainy season, it is important to unplug them after use to prevent electrical leakage, which can be dangerous. Avoid placing washing machines in damp areas such as bathrooms or in direct sunlight. See image below:

Thiết kế máy giặt sang trọng, bắt mắt

Electrical Outlets and Circuit Boards

While we often pay attention to electrical appliances, we may neglect the small fuse box or circuit breaker, which are actually the components most likely to cause fires or short circuits during rainy weather. Electrical outlets and circuit boards are often placed against walls or in corners, making them vulnerable to water leaks. See image below:

Ổ điện, bảng mạch điện

Phones and Cameras

Although phones and cameras are considered to be in the “low risk” category, they still need protection during humid days. It is important to use stable and safe power sources, avoid using cheap chargers in damp conditions, and take care of cameras to prevent mold and damage. See images below:

Điện thoại

Lens máy ảnh bị rét, nấm mốc

2. How to Store Electronic Devices During Stormy Season

Here are some tips for storing and handling electronic devices during humid and rainy weather:

Place the device in a dry location

Try to keep electrical devices at least 10-15cm away from walls and about 80cm off the floor. This will help reduce the risk of moisture damage. See image below:

Chân đỡ máy giặt, tủ lạnh 300kg 51x68cm CD5168DN Đen

Ensure power source

During rainy weather, use stable and safe power sources to minimize electrical malfunctions and leaks. Consider installing anti-shock devices or power protection devices like UPS. Avoid using the same socket for multiple devices and use multiple circuit breakers to quickly cut off power in case of electrical problems. See image below:

Đảm bảo nguồn điện

Regular cleaning and maintenance

Regularly check power sources and disconnect the power supply of electrical devices during heavy rain and thunderstorms. Avoid using unrepaired appliances and refrain from attempting to repair them without the necessary skills and equipment. See image below:

Kiểm tra, bảo dưỡng máy giặt

Regularly use

Turn on devices like TVs, computers, sound systems, and projectors for at least 1 time per day. Regular use helps release heat and self-dry the components inside the devices. For devices that require longer operating times, you can leave them in standby mode. See image below:

Google Tivi Sony 2K 32 inch KD-32W830K - Thiết kế

Place the device near regular operating devices

If possible, place small electronic devices near regularly operating devices such as TVs or computers. The warmth from the nearby devices can help prevent moisture buildup. However, be careful not to leave the devices too close to the power source to avoid overheating and damage. See image below:

Để gần các thiết bị thường xuyên hoạt động

Install lightning protection and grounding equipment

Consider installing lightning protection devices such as lightning rods, grounding wires, and ground terminals. These devices will help protect electrical equipment and ensure safety for your family. Proper installation techniques and regular maintenance are essential. See images below:

Thiết bị chống sét

Hướng dẫn tự lắp dây tiếp điện cho máy giặt tại nhà đơn giản nhất

Limit unnecessary opening of doors and windows

During humid weather, minimize the entry of humid air by keeping doors and windows closed. Avoid using fans to dry the air as it can cause water vapor to condense and lead to more mold. See image below:

Hạn chế mở cửa

Install dehumidification systems

Consider using dehumidifiers or moisture-absorbing packs to reduce humidity and keep devices dry. See images below:

Sàn đáp - Máy hút ẩm Delonghi DEX216F

Hủy diệt tốt vi khuẩn, kích thước nhỏ gọn

Place the device in an air-conditioned room

In an air-conditioned room, set the mode to Dry and turn on the heat. This helps to keep the room dry and protect electrical devices from damage. See image below:

Đóng cửa và bật máy lạnh

During the rainy season, it is important to take proper care of your electronic devices to prevent damage and ensure their longevity. By following these tips and precautions, you can protect your devices and maintain their performance even in challenging weather conditions.