Easy Tips to Keep Your Home Dry During Wet Seasons

Are you worried that the upcoming wet season will ruin the furniture in your home? Dien May Xanh has a few helpful tips you can put in place to keep your house and its contents dry during the rainy months!


1. What is the wet season? Signs of the rainy season

What is the wet season?

Rainy weather is a common weather phenomenon in the Northeast region, occurring when the air humidity reaches 90%. It causes water vapor in the air to condense and accumulate on objects. The wet season usually occurs from February to April (near the end of spring) and is quite prevalent in the northern region of Vietnam.

Signs of the rainy season

The most noticeable signs of the rainy season include wet floors, walls, and mirrors, as well as clothes that take a long time to dry and blankets that become damp and smelly. Electronics are also more prone to damage and fast food is more susceptible to mold.

Some pictures of the rainy season:

Some pictures of the rainy season

Some pictures of the rainy season

2. Causes of the phenomenon of swelling

To effectively prevent moisture in your home during the wet season, it is important to understand the causes of this phenomenon:

  • The temperature of the floor and the ground is lower than the outside temperature and air temperature. This temperature difference, combined with high humidity in the air, leads to moisture in the house.
  • Prolonged cold and dry weather can lower the floor temperature.
  • Strong winds carry moisture from the sea to the land, resulting in high relative humidity in the air. If the floor temperature is low, it does not adapt to the air temperature quickly enough.

The temperature of the floor, the floor is lower than the temperature outside the environment

3. Effects of hot weather

Affect health

  • Rainy weather can cause slippery floors, resulting in falls and injuries, especially for the elderly and children.
  • Hot weather can lead to clogged pores, affecting the body’s excretory process and causing discomfort, fatigue, and pain.
  • High humidity directly affects the bronchial lining, worsening chronic respiratory diseases such as pneumonia or bronchial asthma.
  • Bacterial and mold growth can lead to skin diseases such as chickenpox or scarlet fever.
  • Hot weather can also aggravate gynecological diseases in women.

Color can easily lead to chronic respiratory diseases

Affects electronics

Wet weather and high humidity can cause mold, rust, and damage to metal parts and microchips in electronic devices, leading to electric shock, fire, and malfunction.

Affects electronics

Effect on furniture

Wet weather provides ideal conditions for the growth of bacteria, mold, flies, mosquitoes, and insects, which can damage many industries, particularly construction and interior decoration.

The rainy season affects the furniture

4. Ways to prevent moisture in the house in the rainy season

To prevent moisture in your home during the rainy season, you can use various products and equipment or follow these helpful tips:

Use products and support equipment to help prevent moisture in the house during the rainy season

+ Turn on the air conditioner in Dry mode

Using a two-way air conditioner in Dry mode is an effective way to combat moisture in your home and ensure the health of your family, especially children.

Use the air conditioner in dry mode

+ Use hygroscopic materials

Using boxes and desiccant bags in humid areas can help dehumidify your home. Desiccant particles, such as silica gel, absorb moisture and prevent mold and water damage to leather and electrical goods.

You use desiccant with silica gel

+ Use a dehumidifier

A dehumidifier is a simple and effective way to prevent humidity in the house during the wet season. It not only dehumidifies but also improves air quality and filters the air. It is particularly beneficial for households with children and elderly members.

The dehumidifier also brings fresh air, limiting mold

+ Use a clothes dryer

If possible, use a clothes dryer to dry your clothes quickly and efficiently without causing moisture and discomfort. It is a helpful tool during the wet and rainy season.

Use a clothes dryer in the rainy season

Apply good tips to help prevent moisture in the house in the rainy season

+ Use quicklime to keep the house dry

Using quicklime in the corners of the house can effectively absorb moisture during the wet season. However, caution should be exercised if there are small children at home.

One of the best tips to help prevent moisture in the wet season is to use quicklime

+ Leave electronics on standby

Instead of constantly unplugging electronics, keep them in standby mode to limit moisture damage. This is particularly important for devices like PCs, TVs, and disc players.

In the rainy season, please leave electronics on standby

+ Anti-mold and disinfect utensils with hot water

To prevent mold and disinfect utensils, wash them with hot water and dry them properly after use. Dishwashers can also be used for effective cleaning.

Anti-mold and disinfect utensils by using hot water

+ Use essential oils

Using aromatic essential oils, such as lemon, lemongrass, mint, or lavender, can help reduce mold and unpleasant odors caused by hot weather. Essential oil diffusers are particularly useful for spreading the oils effectively in the air.

If you have an essential oil diffuser at home, don't forget to use it

+ Wipe the house with a dry rag

Instead of using water, use a dry mop to clean the floor and remove standing water. This helps prevent further moisture in the house.

The rain makes the floor extremely wet, you should clean the house with a dry rag

+ Light a candle in the room

Burning candles can help reduce musty odors by circulating the air and creating pressure that moves odor molecules away.

Burn candles in the room to circulate the air

+ Seal the gaps in the house

To limit the entry of moist air into your home, seal gaps in doors and windows with newspapers or foam tape, which can be easily found in supermarkets or stores.

Seal the gaps in the house

5. Ways to fight “anti-science” to avoid

Wipe the floor with water

Wiping the floor with water does not make it cleaner. It actually makes the floor more slippery and increases indoor humidity.

Wipe the floor with water

Turn on the drying fan

Turning on a fan to dry does not effectively combat humidity. It can actually increase moisture in the air and cause condensation.

Turning on the drying fan does not make your family comfortable

Open the window

Opening the window during the rainy season allows moist air to enter the house, increasing indoor humidity.

You should not open the window in the rainy season

Unplug electronics constantly

Constantly unplugging electronics can affect the lifespan of the devices. Instead, put them on standby mode to limit moisture damage.

Unplug electronics continuously will affect the life of the device

Hopefully this article has provided you with useful information and appropriate options to protect your family from the challenges of the rainy season.

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