Surprising Small Actions That Help Save Money

Save a little here, a little there and you will be much richer than you think. Here are some small tips when using money to help you minimize expenses and stay away from debt, according to Life Hack.


Save a little here, a little there and you’ll be much richer than you think. Below are some small tricks when using money to help you minimize spending and stay away from debt, according to Life Hack.

Paying with card doesn't give you the same sense of money as using cash - Photo: ShutterstockPaying with card doesn’t give you the same sense of money as using cash – Photo: Shutterstock
Buy fresh food
A rich amount of fresh fruits and vegetables will improve your body in many different ways. Many studies have shown that consuming 7 servings of fruits and vegetables per day will help you to have better health than just consuming 5 servings. Maintaining a healthy diet will reduce the chance of visiting the doctor and therefore minimize health expenses.
Keep the receipts
Many stores have expiration dates for the types of food or fruits sold. By sticking these receipts or notes on the refrigerator, you will know what to eat and when so that they are not expired and wasting money. Receipts also help you control expenses and online banking transactions. This is useful in detecting unauthorized transactions in your account.
Record expenses in red ink
When you write a line in red ink, your brain automatically marks those numbers or characters as “dangerous” or “be careful”. In business, foreign accountants often use red ink to record negative numbers, and black ink to record positive numbers. This is a good way to help you realize how much money you have spent. Some people write expenses in a calendar, while others use smartphone apps to track expenses.
Brush your teeth after meals
Going to the dentist is not a pleasant thing. Many dentists say that almost all patients come to the clinic because they have not used dental floss, and do not clean their mouths regularly. This causes them to get cavities or bad breath. Using dental floss is also a way to reduce spending on mint candy and chewing gum.
Turn off devices when sleeping
Except for some appliances that must always be running like refrigerators, you should turn off or disconnect power from unnecessary electrical devices when sleeping. Do not underestimate the amount of electricity supplied to household electrical devices if you want your electricity bill to decrease.
Value time
A successful career depends a lot on punctuality and responsibility. One of the best ways to always be aware of the time is to place clocks everywhere. When paying attention to the schedule, you can be more aware of the amount of work you need to do immediately or what you can postpone. Proper use of time helps you save money on taxi fares or breakfast outside on days when you wake up late.
Use essential oils instead of perfume, room spray
Perfumes can be quite expensive, and recent studies have also shown that some ingredients in perfumes can cause allergies and headaches. A good way to replace artificial scents is to buy your favorite essential oils at a local pharmacy. You can dilute the essential oil with water and a small bottle like this can be used for many months. If you want to have an air freshener, you can also do the same but with more water.
Always carry a water bottle
Carrying a water bottle with you will help you save a few pennies on carbonated drinks, energy drinks and help your body stay healthy. Drinking water, not tea, juice or coffee, is the best way to hydrate your body. In addition, drinking enough water will make your skin healthier and more beautiful, saving money on skincare products to some extent.
Pay with cash instead of cards
Paying with cards is very convenient, but the pure numbers in the bank account make you lose the accurate perception of money. Using a debit card eliminates the feeling of loss when you spend, while using a credit card gives you a false sense of wealth because you don’t have to pay immediately. Meanwhile, each banknote you hold is a clear symbol of the time and effort you put in.

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