7 Reusable Household Items You Might Be Tossing

Don't throw them out - there are plenty of creative ways to reuse everyday items and help your family's lifestyle.


Discover ways to save money by reusing items in your home. If you’re unsure where to start, follow the methods below that many people have successfully applied.

1. Use eggshells to unclog drains

7 reusable household objects that we often throw away - Photo 1.

Eggshells can be reused in various ways. One useful way is to place them in the sink to catch small waste and prevent drain clogs. As the eggshell breaks down over time, it also acts as a gentle scrub for the pipes.

2. Turn an old sock into a heating pad

7 reusable household objects that we often throw away - Photo 2.

If you have old socks that are no longer usable, repurpose them as heating pads. Fill an old sock with rice, tie it up, and warm it in the microwave. This makeshift heating pad can be used to soothe pain in various areas of the body. You can also explore other creative uses for spare socks, such as turning them into dog toys, armrests, or mops.

3. Organize your cables with toilet paper rolls

7 reusable household objects that we often throw away - Photo 3.

Don’t throw away those cardboard rolls from toilet paper! Collect a few of them and use them to organize and store your cables. This simple hack keeps your cables tangle-free and helps maintain a neat and clutter-free space.

4. Reuse teacups for a fairy garden

7 reusable household objects that we often throw away - Photo 4.

Give your old teacups a new purpose by creating a fairy garden. Utilize chipped or damaged teacups as drainage for small plants. If the teacup is broken, use the smaller pieces to create walls or small stairs in the garden.

5. Transform old ladders into unique shelves

7 reusable household objects that we often throw away - Photo 5.

Don’t discard that old and unstable ladder just yet. Instead, repurpose it as a bookshelf. Depending on the ladder type, you can either turn it into a freestanding tiered shelf or mount it on the wall. Use the ladder shelves to store books, jewelry, or small potted plants.

6. Create cushions from old shirts

7 reusable household objects that we often throw away - Photo 6.

Turn sentimental shirts into memory pillows. Sew the shirt to create a pillow and use it to commemorate a loved one or a special time in your life. This eco-friendly option gives new life to old shirts.

7. Repurpose photo frames for jewelry or glassware

7 reusable household objects that we often throw away - Photo 7.

Instead of throwing away dusty photo frames, repurpose them for displaying jewelry. You can customize the frame to suit your accessories and create an organized and visually appealing display. Another option is to transform the frame into a tray, providing a unique storage space.

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