Things you can solve with salt, apply now so you don’t waste money!

Salt, as a flavor enhancer, is used by every household on a daily basis. Salt is a natural gift and a magical weapon for preserving ingredients. Do you know if salt has any other miraculous effects besides being used as a seasoning?


Today, I will share with you 10 amazing uses of salt, to learn how to become a good and money-saving housewife. Let’s take a look together.

1. Clean the greasy pan

After cooking, it’s difficult to clean a greasy pan. If you sprinkle some salt into the pan and add a little water, shake well, the grease will slowly come off the pan, wipe it clean with a cloth, ensure no more grease!

2. Prevent pans from sticking

When frying, the most annoying thing is a sticky pan. In this case, you can sprinkle some salt into it, the pan will not stick anymore, making it easy to cook.

3. Clean and disinfect cutting boards

Cutting boards are often damp and full of dirt, making it a breeding ground for bacteria. Therefore, we need to clean regularly, it is best to sprinkle some salt to disinfect and kill bacteria. You can pour salt into a bowl of water, then put the cutting board in to wash it.

4. Quickly thaw frozen food

When you want to quickly cook frozen meat but it’s hard as a rock, how to thaw it? The simplest way is to put the frozen meat in warm water, sprinkle salt on it and let it soak for a while, the meat will thaw quickly.

5. Preserve tofu without spoilage

Soaking tofu in weak salt water for 30 minutes, it won’t break when fried. Besides, using salt to preserve tofu can keep it fresh for a week. Here’s how: First, you put the tofu in cold water and boil it, use a ladle to scoop out each piece of tofu, then gently place it in a food container. Then, pour cold water over the tofu and add 1/2 teaspoon of salt to keep the tofu firm for a long time.

6. Prevent hair loss

Many people have trouble with hair loss and dandruff but have used anti-dandruff and hair loss treatment shampoos without any effect. In fact, the salt we use every day can solve these problems.


Gently apply a thick salt paste to the scalp, shampoo after about 5 minutes, once in the morning and once in the evening, continuously for 15 to 20 days as a treatment, can prevent hair loss. Or add a little salt to warm water every time you wash your hair and wash your hair with salt water to get rid of dandruff, prevent hair loss, and make your hair cleaner.

7. Stop bleeding

In daily life, there will always be minor accidents that catch people off guard, such as nosebleeds, injuries from fish bones, and bleeding throats. At this time, we can use salt to stop the bleeding.


1. In the case of nosebleeds, use a cotton ball soaked in salt water to put it into the nostril, while drinking a bowl of salt soup to stop the bleeding;

2. If there is minor bleeding inside the mouth (such as bleeding gums, fish bones stuck in the throat and bleeding, etc.), gargling with salt soup can promote the blood clotting process and have a natural stop bleeding effect.

8. Clean and detoxify

Traditional medicine believes that salt has the function of detoxification, cooling, and moisturizing. Therefore, when injured, stung by insects, or exposed to toxins, we can use salt for emergency detoxification.


– When hands are exposed to toxic substances (such as sulfur and mercury), rub hands with salt to clean and disinfect.

– If bitten by mosquitoes or scorpions, you can apply warm saltwater to the affected area, it has the effect of reducing pain and disinfection.

– If unfortunately suffering from small cuts in daily life and the wound is not large, you can put a little salt into boiling water to cool down, rinse the wound with saltwater, then sprinkle some anti-inflammatory powder and wrap it with gauze. This way, the wound will not be inflamed or infected, it will heal quickly without leaving a scar.

9. Protect the throat

In the fall and winter, tonsils are prone to inflammation. Uncomfortable symptoms in the throat or sore throat can be treated with saltwater in the early stages of the disease. It is simple and convenient, effective quickly, and avoids the pain caused by taking medicine or injection.


– When feeling a slight discomfort in the throat, you can use saltwater to gargle in the morning;

– When the throat is swollen and sore, gargle with concentrated saltwater 5-6 times a day has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects;

– The elderly often use weak saltwater to gargle to prevent respiratory tract infections.

Saltwater can also treat cough, drinking water with a ratio of 1: 100 salt can effectively reduce cough, for those who like the K song, pay attention, drink a little saltwater before singing to avoid voice hoarseness.

10. Beauty

Many people spend a lot of money and time on beauty treatments but do not know that salt can help us lose weight!


1. Before going to bed for patients with acne, put about 20g table salt into a basin of hot water, after it has dissolved completely, wash your face while it’s still hot, not only does it remove the oil on the face but also get rid of the acne gradually, prevent infection and inflammation.

2. The penetration effect of salt can eliminate edema, promote fat movement, and have unexpected effects in shaping body curves. You just need to use salt massage correspondingly to achieve spot reduction or overall weight loss.

In addition, if you drink too much and feel uncomfortable, you can drink a little concentrated saltwater to induce vomiting, when you get burned, you have to immediately soak the wound in saltwater or sprinkle saltwater on the wound.

According to An Nhiên – Vietnamnet

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