Tips for choosing delicious, chemical-free dried mushrooms and black fungus, sellers never reveal to customers

Morel mushrooms and porcini are two types of dried ingredients that are indispensable in every home kitchen. In order to select the most delicious and high-quality products, housewives must not overlook the following notes.


How to choose black fungus

The type of black fungus that we commonly use in traditional Tet dishes is black fungus. Aside from that, there is also a type of white fungus (also known as snow fungus).

Black fungus does not have a distinct taste but has a characteristic crunchy texture. It is used in many traditional Tet dishes.

A larger and thicker black fungus indicates higher quality.

When buying, you need to check the dryness of the fungus. If it can be easily broken, it indicates that it has been fully dried and properly preserved. Fungus that is slightly soft means that it is still moist and has a high risk of mold.

In addition, you should not eat fresh fungus as it contains Porphyrin, which can cause skin inflammation, itching, and pain. After the fungus is dried, this substance will no longer be effective, and we can use it with confidence.

For white fungus, you also need to choose a type that has been fully dried. White fungus sometimes has a hint of yellow. The fungus should be plump, thick, and feels firm when touched.

How to choose shiitake mushrooms

Compared to black fungus, shiitake mushrooms have a more distinct flavor. They are often used to add aroma to dishes. Similar to black fungus, when buying shiitake mushrooms, we need to consider their dryness, crispness, and check if they have mold.

High-quality shiitake mushrooms will have a moderate size, natural mushroom ears, and a natural brownish-yellow color.

The quantity of wild shiitake mushrooms in nature is quite limited, so we need to research carefully before buying products advertised as forest shiitake mushrooms. It’s possible that the seller may use non-standard-sized cultivated mushrooms to deceive consumers.

Compared to cultivated shiitake mushrooms, wild shiitake mushrooms have longer stems and wider caps.

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