Tips for Parents on Dealing with Common Ailments in Young Children

Winter can be a particularly hard time for little ones when it comes to keeping healthy. With the decrease in temperature and shorter days, minor illnesses that often affect children can start to present themselves. To ensure your child remains in good health and to learn how to tackle minor ailments efficiently, here are 10 tips for parents to take into consideration.


Children’s immune systems are still developing, making them more susceptible to minor illnesses, especially during changing weather conditions. It is important for mothers to consider these ten tips to effectively prevent and treat illnesses in children.

Preventing Fever in Children While Teething

In the early stages of teething, it is common for children to experience a fever. According to traditional wisdom, when a child is approximately 3 months and 10 days old, it is recommended for the mother to carefully prepare parsley leaves, extracting their juice to apply to the child’s gums. This remedy is believed to alleviate potential fevers associated with the emergence of the first tooth and subsequent occurrences.


Relieving Pain during Teething

As the tooth begins to surface, it is common for a child to experience a fever. Additionally, once the tooth has fully emerged, discomfort and pain may accompany the new growth. To alleviate these symptoms, a helpful tactic is to cool a stainless steel spoon in the refrigerator for a brief period. Applying gentle pressure with the chilled spoon to the affected area can provide relief and increase the child’s comfort.

Child Convulsions due to High Fever

High fever can potentially lead to convulsions, posing a significant risk. It is crucial to handle such situations with utmost care. To address the dangerous scenario of biting the tongue during convulsions, it is recommended to cautiously insert a clean and soft cloth into the child’s mouth. However, it is vital to promptly seek medical attention by immediately taking the child to the nearest hospital.

Watery Eyes

Newborns commonly experience excessive tearing, which can be addressed by practicing proper eye hygiene. Mothers are advised to gently cleanse their child’s eyes with physiological saline solution on a daily basis. Additionally, incorporating a gentle massage technique can aid in clearing the tear ducts. This involves starting the massage at the inner corner of the eyelid and stroking downwards towards the nose. It is recommended to perform this massage 5-10 times a day, with each session lasting 5-10 minutes.

Child Suffers Severe Burn Injuries

If a child is scalded by boiling water, it is important to promptly administer first aid by immediately soaking the burned area with cold water. Subsequently, based on the severity of the burn, it is advisable to assess whether it is necessary to seek medical attention at a hospital for the child.

Emergency Situation: Child Choking on Fish Bone

Please use a flashlight to examine the child’s nasal passage for the presence of a bone obstruction. In cases where the obstruction appears to be mild, you may attempt the following method: bringing a garlic clove or a peppercorn close to the child’s nostrils can induce sneezing, which may expel the bone. However, in cases where the obstruction is severe, it is crucial to seek immediate medical attention from a doctor at a hospital. These professionals possess the necessary expertise and specialized tools to safely remove the bone obstruction.

Symptom: Child Bleeding From the Nose

Proper Procedure for Child Nosebleed

When a child experiences a nosebleed, it is important to handle the situation correctly in order to ensure their safety and well-being. There is a common misconception that tilting the child’s head upward is the appropriate response; however, this approach can be dangerous and may lead to suffocation. Instead, the correct method involves tilting the child’s head downward and having them plug their nose. Additionally, instructing the child to breathe through their mouth is recommended. Following these steps can help to effectively stop a normal nosebleed within approximately 10 minutes.

Treating Constipation in Newborns

If a newborn is experiencing lack of bowel movement for five consecutive days despite normal eating patterns, it may indicate constipation. To help alleviate this issue, a gentle massage on the baby’s anus can be performed using a cotton swab soaked in diluted honey. It is important to note that only the cotton part of the swab should be inserted, avoiding deep penetration. This method typically results in the baby having a bowel movement shortly afterward.

Treating Diarrhea

One effective remedy for treating diarrhea in children is to boil carrots and provide the child with the resulting carrot-infused water to drink. Another option is to roast rice until golden and then use the boiled rice water as a substitute for plain water. Both methods effectively replenish fluids and aid in the treatment of diarrhea.

Treating Bedwetting

To prepare a helpful remedy, follow these steps:

1. Begin by selecting fresh shepherd’s purse leaves of good quality.

2. Take care to rinse the leaves thoroughly.

3. Crush the leaves gently, adding a small amount of water.

4. Boil the mixture, ensuring all ingredients are properly incorporated.

5. Lastly, strain the liquid before allowing the child to consume it.

It is important to administer this remedy twice a day, with a 10-minute interval between each dosage. In addition to administering the shepherd’s purse remedy, mothers should also take note that their child should not consume water or milk within 1 hour before bed. Moreover, it is advisable to encourage the child to urinate before going to sleep.

Below are several helpful tips for mothers to efficiently and effectively address minor ailments in their children.

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