Which is better: laundry detergent or laundry powder?

Both laundry detergent and fabric softener serve the purpose of cleaning stains. However, many individuals still find it difficult to determine which type is superior.


In laundry products, liquid detergent and laundry powder are the two most popular types. Which one is better? The answer will vary depending on the requirements and conditions of each individual.

Which is better, liquid detergent or laundry powder?

The effectiveness of liquid detergent and laundry powder depends on the type of stain. The strong cleaning agents in laundry powder are effective in removing mud, dirt, or stubborn stains. On the other hand, liquid detergent is best used for oil stains due to its ability to release and dissolve stains on fabric.

Whether to use liquid detergent or laundry powder is a dilemma for many housewives. (Photo: Tom’s Guide)

According to Sohu, to make the right choice, you need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

Stain Removal Ability

In terms of stain removal ability, laundry powder is more effective than liquid detergent. However, because it contains strong cleaning agents, laundry powder does not protect clothes as well as liquid detergent, and can easily cause fading and damage to clothes.

In addition, laundry powder is more difficult to dissolve than liquid detergent, and chemical residue can be left on the surface of the clothes.

Skin Irritation

For those who regularly hand wash their clothes, the level of skin irritation and damage caused by the cleaning products is also a factor to consider when answering the question of whether to use liquid detergent or laundry powder.

Laundry powder is a high-alkaline detergent and can cause skin irritation. Many types of laundry powder cause a hot sensation when poured onto wet palms. After washing, you often find that your hands are drier than usual.

Liquid detergent, in general, has less alkalinity and is relatively gentle and skin-friendly, causing almost no irritation, producing less foam, and easy to wash.

Price Comparison

Liquid detergent is considered to have more advantages than laundry powder, but it is generally more expensive. For families that do a lot of laundry every day, the cost of buying liquid detergent can be significant.

Liquid detergent has more outstanding advantages than laundry powder but is more expensive. (Photo: Good Housekeeping)

So which is better, liquid detergent or laundry powder? In terms of cost, laundry powder is more suitable, while liquid detergent has more comprehensive advantages. If your family is not financially well-off and needs to save costs, laundry powder is also a good choice. However, you should wear gloves when hand washing, and mix the laundry powder in a reasonable ratio to avoid residue.

In general, you need to choose according to personal needs, and the most important thing is to choose the one that suits the purpose of use for your family.

In addition to liquid detergent and laundry powder, recently, multi-purpose laundry capsules have become a trend. With a small candy-like shape, laundry capsules integrate the functions of detergent, fabric softener, and fragrance, but they are more expensive than liquid detergent and laundry powder.

Choose the appropriate laundry product for different fabric types

For loose-fitting clothes or curtains, you can choose to use laundry powder to save costs. Laundry powder with strong cleaning properties is also suitable for heavily soiled items such as curtains and doormats.

If the clothes you wear are not heavily stained and are not made of special materials, you only need to use regular liquid detergent.

For clothes made from special materials such as wool or silk, it is best to choose specialized liquid detergent to avoid damaging the clothes.

Laundry capsules are specially designed for machine washing, they are easy to use and convenient, do not soil hands, have cleaning capabilities similar to laundry powder, and are suitable for most fabric types. However, they are only suitable for use with washing machines.

According to VTC News

Frequently asked questions

Laundry powder is more effective at removing tough stains like mud and dirt due to its strong cleaning agents. Liquid detergent, however, is better at tackling oil stains as it can release and dissolve these stains from fabric fibers.

Liquid detergent is generally gentler on the skin and causes less irritation. It also tends to produce less foam, making it easier to rinse out. Additionally, liquid detergent offers better protection for clothes, preventing fading and damage.

Yes, liquid detergent is usually more expensive than laundry powder. For households that do a lot of laundry, the cost of liquid detergent can add up quickly.

Multi-purpose laundry capsules are a newer alternative. They are small, convenient, and integrate detergent, fabric softener, and fragrance. However, they are more expensive than traditional options and are designed specifically for machine washing.

For loose-fitting clothes or curtains, laundry powder is a cost-effective option. Liquid detergent is suitable for regular clothes with light stains and those made from common fabrics. For special materials like wool or silk, opt for specialized liquid detergents to avoid damage. Laundry capsules are ideal for machine washing most fabric types.
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