How to Easily Get Rid of Chewing Gum Stains on Clothing

If you're a woman who's been struggling to get gum stains out of your clothes, this article has some helpful advice to make the process easier. We'll provide some useful tips for an effective way to remove gum stains from clothing.


5 Easy Ways to Get Gum Out of Clothes

To effectively eliminate chewing gum stains from clothing, a recommended method entails freezing the affected area. Begin by folding the attire with the gum side exposed, subsequently placing it within a plastic bag before transferring it to the freezer, allowing for approximately 30 minutes of freezing time. This process serves to solidify the gum residue, facilitating its effortless removal from the fabric.

put clothes in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer for about 30 minutes

One method you can try to remove gum stains from clothing is to use a cold stone. Simply place the cold stone on the gum stain and allow it to harden. Once the gum residue has hardened, it can be easily and quickly removed from the clothes. This technique can be an effective option for gum stain removal.

use a cold stone and place it on the gum stain

Heat Up Your Marshmallow with the Toast Method

To effectively remove gum stains, there are alternative methods to freezing. One option is to soak the affected area in hot water for a brief period of 2-3 minutes, followed by gently brushing the gum stain away with a toothbrush. If concerns arise about potential fabric damage, steaming the gummed area with hot steam from a boiling water kettle or a hairdryer can serve as a replacement for hot water. Carefully removing the gum piece thereafter will ensure a successful stain removal process.

soak the affected area in hot water for 2-3 minutes

Extracting Groundwater Using an Iron Pump

Using an iron to effectively remove gum stains from clothes may seem hard to believe, but it is a proven and efficient method that requires minimal time and effort. Simply place the gummed area on a piece of paper or cardboard and repeatedly iron the backside of the affected area. As a result, the gum residue will soften and adhere to the paper or cardboard, leaving your clothes gum-free.

use an iron to remove the gum stain

Remove Gum Stains Using Alcohol

Alcohol is a reliable and effective stain remover for removing gum stains from clothing. Its gentle formula ensures that it does not harm the fabric quality or cause any discoloration or fading. Simply apply a small amount of alcohol onto the affected area, carefully rub the gum residue with a thin cloth, allow the alcohol to work its magic for a few minutes, and then use a toothbrush to easily and quickly remove the remaining gum.

Pour a small amount of alcohol on the surface of the clothes, use a thin cloth to rub

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