Part 2: New Household Cleaner Gives Hope for Eradicating Difficult-to-Remove Stains

Having trouble removing those tough stains from your clothes? We have the perfect solution for you! With just a few common household items like gasoline, alcohol and vinegar, you can easily get rid of coffee, egg, candle wax, alcohol, cigarette and other tough stains and restore your clothing back to its original glory. Don't worry any longer and check out our tips now!


Guide to Removing Coffee, Tea, and Juice Stains

Removing stains caused by coffee, tea, and juices can be challenging if not treated immediately. It is recommended to promptly wash the garment in warm water. However, if washing is not immediately possible, follow these steps:

To effectively remove stains, follow these steps: Mix a combination of egg yolk and glycerin, applying it onto the affected area. Allow it to dry before rinsing with clean water. Alternatively, you may directly apply glycerin onto the stain, sprinkling a small amount of boric acid onto it. Subsequently, soak the clothing in boiling water for a thorough cleanse.

Use egg yolk and glycerin to remove coffee stains from clothes

How to Deal with Alcohol Stains

If you spill alcohol on your clothing, it is important to have it laundered promptly. If the stain has set for a prolonged period, create a mixture of chalk and ammonia to treat the stain. Apply the solution to the affected area, vigorously rub, and wash with clean water. Alternatively, utilize a laundry service for convenience.

Tips for Removing Fruit Juice Stains

If you spill fruit juice on your clothing, gently apply a small amount of salt to the stain. Dampen the affected area with water and proceed to soak it in soapy water for further cleansing. Another method is to apply a few drops of vinegar onto the stain and gently rub it. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Wash with cold water if the stain is light

Removing Cream Stains Overnight

Stains resulting from cream usage can emit unpleasant odors over time if not addressed promptly. Apply a small amount of gasoline directly to the stain and vigorously scrub. Afterward, wash with soapy water and fabric conditioner to eliminate any lingering gasoline scent.

Effective Removal of Oil Paint Stains

To remove oil paint stains from clothing, wash the affected area with a mixture of warm soapy water and chalk. Gently rub the solution onto the stain to effectively remove it.

Remove oil paint with warm soapy water mixed with chalk

Guide to Removing Chewing Gum Stains

Removing gum from clothes can be challenging, but there are effective methods. Use gasoline or alcohol to successfully remove the gum. Another tip is to place garments with chewing gum in the freezer compartment to harden it. Peel off the gum after removing from the freezer.

Removing Tomato Sauce Stains from Carpet

If you get tomato sauce on your clothing, promptly remove it from the fabric. Wash the garment with warm soapy water and vigorously scrub to eliminate any traces of the tomato sauce stain.

Warm water and soap can treat tomato stains

Removing Stains with a Beaten Egg Solution

If you spill a beaten egg solution onto your clothing while cooking, allow the stain to dry first. Mix egg yolk with glycerin and gently apply it to the stained area. Launder the garment as usual to complete the process.

With these simple methods, you can effectively remove even the toughest stains from your clothes. Feel free to share your own stain removal tips!