Why You Shouldn’t Wash Greasy Pans With Hot Water?

Many people have the habit of washing pots and pans with hot water to quickly remove the buildup of grease and oil. However, this is actually not good for them.


Hot water soap helps you clean almost everything, especially pots and pans with a lot of oil and grease. However, according to Doyle James, president of Mr. Rooter Plumbing, cold water is a better choice when washing them.

Hot water melts the grease, which then solidifies as it cools down in the pipes, causing a thick layer of grease to build up and gradually clog the pipes. On the other hand, cold water does the opposite: it keeps the grease solid, allowing it to move more easily and efficiently through the pipes without getting blocked. “When grease encounters cold water, it solidifies, and the water and gravity will carry it away,” James said.

You should wash with cold water. Photo: Lifehacker.

This means you can wash oil and grease pans as long as you use cold water, right? No, the answer is no. You should try to pour out and wipe off as much grease as possible before washing with soap or putting them in the dishwasher. You can keep an old can under the sink for this purpose.

Cleaning off grease before washing will help reduce the buildup in the pipes. Photo: The Field Company.

A small amount of butter, grease, or cooking oil may seem like “nothing,” but a lot of accumulated grease can turn into a large lump that cannot move through the pipes. This will cost you time and effort or money to hire someone to unclog them.

Therefore, don’t forget to clean your pots and pans before washing with cold water and use plenty of dish soap to reduce the risk of grease sticking to the surfaces. Your drain pipes and your wallet will thank you for that.

Source: Zing

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