Discover Nam Du and Its “Authentic” Virtual Living Spaces with Affordable Homestays

Are you looking for a unique and unforgettable experience in Nam Du? Consider staying at the luxurious Dien May XANH and explore the beauty of the island district of Kien Giang province. Enjoy relaxing in their top Nam Du homestay and admire the breathtaking views that have led to thousands of likes on their pictures.


1 Thao Thuong Camp

The Thao Thuong Camp is a captivating destination with its colorful little houses. Not only can you stay here, but also have a fun experience and a virtual beachside living experience.

Thảo Thường Camp

The rooms at Thao Thuong Camp have breathtaking sea views. Simply open the door and the sea breeze will flow into your room. The colorful stairs and walls also create stunning backgrounds for your photos.

View đa dạng màu sắc của Thảo Thường Camp

The interior of the rooms at Thao Thuong Camp features warm, deep brown colors with wooden elements. The rooms are well-equipped and conveniently have en-suite bathrooms.

Phòng ngủ hướng biển của Thảo Thường Camp

Situated next to the beautiful Nam Du beach, Thao Thuong Camp offers easy access to the blue beach with its fine white sand. You can enjoy swimming or simply relaxing on the shore.

2 Langchia Nam Du Resort

The Langchia Nam Du Resort offers modern and luxurious rooms with stunning sea views and large balconies. You can enjoy the beautiful surroundings and catch breathtaking sunrises.

Toàn cảnh của Langchia Nam Du Resort

The resort features rows of coconut trees with swings, providing countless photo opportunities. Additionally, there is a wooden road built on the sea surface, creating a unique and cool experience.

Tổng hợp những ảnh đẹp của Langchia Nam Du Resort

The rooms at Langchia Nam Du Resort are diverse and all offer stunning views of the sea. Surrounded by green nature, white sand, and golden sunshine, enjoying the sunrise or sunset is truly a wonderful experience.

Phòng ngủ của Langchia Nam Du Resort

While staying at the resort, you can take leisurely walks along the beach, breathe in the fresh air, and unwind. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the nearby snails, fish, and sea urchins that can be found along the shoreline.

3 Humiso Nam Du Resort

The Humiso Nam Du Resort is a nature lover’s paradise. This beautiful resort is blessed with both the sea and expansive coral reefs. Adjacent to the resort, you’ll find a primeval forest with ancient trees.

Khu nghỉ dưỡng Humiso Nam Du

This proximity to the primeval forest allows you to enjoy the fresh air and immerse yourself in nature during your stay at Humiso.

Nghỉ dưỡng tại Khu nghỉ dưỡng Humiso Nam Du

From your room at Humiso Nam Du Resort, you can watch the sunrise over the sea while sipping a cup of tea or coffee. It’s a truly wonderful experience to start your day.

Sống ảo cùng Khu nghỉ dưỡng Humiso Nam Du

In the afternoon, you can explore Humiso and capture unforgettable photos. The resort provides stunning backgrounds that won’t disappoint.

4 Sky & Sea Hostel Nam Du

The Sky & Sea Hostel is known for its vast sea views. If you enjoy watching sunrises and sunsets, this place is perfect for you. Despite its limited amenities, it is loved for its clean and romantic sea-view rooms.

Nhà nghỉ Sky & Sea Nam Du view phòng ngủ

Every morning, when you open the curtains, you’ll be greeted by a breathtaking beach filled with boats. Stay in your cosy bed and enjoy the first rays of dawn on a new day. It’s a magical experience.

Tổng hợp Nhà nghỉ Sky & Sea Nam Du

5 Nam Du View Guest house

The Nam Du View Guest House offers a cozy and familiar atmosphere. With its friendly owners and delicious food, it’s a place you won’t want to miss.

The guest house boasts stunning sea views, with mountains jutting out of the sea in the distance and passing boats creating a romantic scene.

Nam Du View Guest House view biển

The guest house also features a unique beachfront area where you can take stunning photos.

Checkin Nam Du View Guest House

6 Chien Diem homestay

The Chien Diem homestay in Nam Du beach is truly unique. With its colorful houses located close to each other, all 26 rooms offer stunning sea views.

Chiến Diễm homestay - liên hệ với chủ nhà nè

Not only can you enjoy breathtaking sunrises and sunsets through the glass windows of the rooms, but you can also witness the busy activities of fishing boats and trains passing by.

Chiến Diễm homestay - Sống ảo

An outdoor party in the middle of the sea is also an interesting option at Chien Diem homestay. Enjoy the air, the sound of the sea, and have a memorable time with your friends.

7 Homestay Container Nam Du Restaurant & Coffee

The Homestay Container Nam Du Restaurant & Coffee is a combination of a restaurant and cafe, providing utmost convenience for guests. The homestay is built with colorful containers, offering rooms with large sea views.

As you enter the room, you’ll be greeted by a pleasant aroma of essential oils. The large glass doors bring in natural light and allow you to enjoy the beautiful scenery right from your room.

Homestay Container Restaurant & Coffee bên trong

The homestay also provides a picturesque backdrop for beautiful virtual photoshoots.

View sống ảo của Homestay Container Restaurant & Coffee

8 Homestay Quang Sang

Quang Sang is a simple homestay in Nam Du with self-contained bedrooms. Each morning, you can go to the window, open the curtains, and enjoy the vast blue sea view.

Homestay Quang Sáng

The rooms at Homestay Quang Sang feature a comfortable and airy design, adorned in dominant shades of blue. Some rooms even have fans for those who prefer a cooler sleeping environment. The rooms are always kept clean and well-ventilated.

Phòng ngủ của nhà nghỉ Quang Sáng

9 Khang Vy Hotel – Nam Du Island

The Khang Vy Hotel is praised for its stunning sea views. With four floors, all the rooms have large balconies that provide breathtaking views of the sea and sunset.

Nhà Nghỉ Khang Vy - Nam Du toàn cảnh

The rooms have simple designs with large glass doors that provide natural light and offer beautiful views of the surrounding clouds and sunrise.

At Khang Vy Hotel, you can enjoy various services such as dining, scuba diving, or going on cruises.

Phòng ngủ Love Chill của Nhà Nghỉ Khang Vy

10 Holiday Homes

The Nam Thu Hostel is a newly-built and clean motel. With a large yard near the sea, it is perfect for outdoor activities. Despite its affordable price, the place still attracts many tourists, even though it may not be the most beautiful.

Check in phòng tại Nhà Nghỉ Năm Thu

The hostel offers comfortable and spacious rooms with a dominant blue design, creating a relaxing and airy ambiance. Some rooms even have fans for those who prefer cooler sleeping conditions.

Phòng ngủ của nhà nghỉ Năm Thu

11 Soi Beach Nam Du Beach

The Soi Beach in Nam Du is a secluded and enchanting getaway. Here, you can easily find yourself next to a vast blue beach and experience the unique colorful pebble beach.

Bãi Sỏi Beach Nam Du

Bai Soi Beach combines a homestay and restaurant, offering a cool and peaceful atmosphere. During your stay, you can enjoy freshly caught seafood dishes.

Bãi Sỏi Beach Nam Du - hoàng hôn

12 Chinh Hoa Hostels

Chinh Hoa Hostel is a good choice for a clean and cool stay in Nam Du. With its location right by the sea, you can enjoy beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Breathe in the fresh sea air and relax.

Nhà nghỉ Chinh Hòa

The bedrooms at Chinh Hoa Hostel are clean, spacious, and reasonably priced. The hostel also offers motorbike rentals for island exploration, scuba diving, and singing karaoke.

Phòng ngủ của nhà nghỉ Chinh Hòa

At Chinh Hoa Hostel, you can enjoy peaceful days on the island. Watch the sunrise, indulge in freshly caught seafood, admire the sunset, and sing karaoke with friends. It’s a fantastic place for self-rejuvenation.

View từ nhà nghỉ Chinh Hòa

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