Exploring Possible Reasons and Solutions for Difficulty Lighting a Camping Stove

If you're having difficulty getting your mini gas stove to ignite, we've come up with some tips to help you get it back in business in no time. Read on to find out what you can do to get your tourist gas stove running again.


Causes of Failure to Ignite in a Tourist Gas Stove

There are a few common causes:

  • Sparks: The ignition needle is misaligned.
  • Gas valve problem: The safety part of the gas shut-off valve is broken, due to gas blockage, by the user.
  • Out of gas: Check gas cans again.

Check gas cans

Ways to Fix It When There Is No Ignition in a Tourist Gas Stove

Step 1: Check the gas cans to see if there is gas or not. If not, you should replace gas cans of reputable brands.

How to reset the gas breaker

Step 2: In case the can has gas, it cannot ignite the gas stove. Think of it as a gas can that has too much pressure (rechargeable cans). Therefore, the safety gas shut-off unit was automatically closed, preventing gas from entering the valve. At this point, you should reset the safety gas breaker.

Check ignition needle position

Step 3: In case if the can is still gas and has the correct pressure (new gas can) but still can’t ignite. At this point you should check the position of the ignition needle to not be. Remember, the distance between the ignition needle and the burner is 3-4 mm.

Contact stores or resellers

Step 4: If through the above steps, the ignition still does not work, you should contact the store or supplier.

So, if you can’t ignite the tourist gas stove, then apply the above remedy! Wish you have a great trip.