15 Super Cute Long Hairstyles for a Cool Summer Look

Are you struggling to keep your long locks looking neat in the heat of summer? Worry not, Dien May XANH is here to help with 15 super cute long braid hairstyles that will help you stay cool and stylish. Keep reading to see how!


1 Braid a Section of Hair and Tie It in a Ponytail

This is a popular hairstyle in France, known for its comfort and neatness. It’s a simple hairstyle where you braid a section of hair along the length of your hair, then tie all the braids with the rest of the hair into a ponytail. Wrap a strand of hair around the elastic and give the hair some volume for a finished look.

Braid part of your hair and tie it in a ponytail

2 Braid Long Hair In a Ponytail

The pigtail braid is a simple and popular hairstyle that suits any girl’s style, whether you’re active or prefer a more feminine look. You just need to divide your hair into three equal parts and start braiding from the top of your head. Create different styles with the ponytail.

Braid long hair in a ponytail

3 Tet Bun Into 3 Curls

This hairstyle is perfect for going out or attending parties. It exudes elegance and comfort. Despite sounding complicated, it’s actually quite simple. Just divide your hair into three equal sections and braid them into three separate braids. Then, braid those three braids together for a beautiful and stylish look.

Tet bun into 3 curls

4 Tie 3 or 4 Strands to One Side

This simple and quick hairstyle is a favorite among active girls. It only takes a few minutes to complete and can be worn for various occasions such as school or work. Just divide your hair into 3 or 4 small sections and braid them in a traditional way, securing them with an elastic.

Tie 3 or 4 strands to one side

5 Side Braids

This popular hairstyle from Korea adds a sweet and cute look to girls. Even those with short hair can achieve this style. Simply divide your hair into two equal parts and braid each side in a traditional style for a lovely hairstyle.

Side braids

6 Braid 3 or 4 Strands of Hair at the Back of the Head

This hairstyle is perfect for gentle and sweet girls. It’s suitable for casual outings with friends or attending parties. Take 3 or 4 sections of hair on one side of your head and braid them to the ends. Repeat on the other side. Wrap the two braids around the head and secure them with bobby pins for a beautiful and elegant look.

Braid 3 or 4 strands of hair in an arc at the back of the head

7 Herringbone Braids

Herringbone braids, also known as centipede braids, add a neat and cool hairstyle with a touch of femininity. Similar to traditional braids, take a small section of hair on each side and bring it together in a herringbone pattern until all the hair is braided. Secure it with an elastic band for a satisfying result.

Herringbone braids

8 New Year’s Eve with Loose Buns

This special hairstyle is perfect for parties or romantic dates. Tie your hair into a ponytail at the top, braid one side of the hair, then do the same on the other side. Secure the two braids with the ponytail. Divide the ponytail into upper and lower halves. Twist the two braids around the upper and lower parts, securing them with an elastic band. Pull the hair straight for added volume and attractiveness.

New Year's Eve with loose buttons

9 Two-Tiered Braids

This hairstyle adds a feminine and gentle touch to your look. It involves two sections of hair piled on top of each other. Start by tying a loose ponytail with two small sections of hair on either side. Separate the two equal sections of hair and use smaller sections from each side to braid them. Repeat the same for the lower part. Insert the upper braid into the lower braid, knot the ends, and secure them with bobby pins. Loosen the entire knot for added volume.

Two-tiered braids

10 New Year Knot Style

This simple and quick hairstyle involves tying your hair into a ponytail, using a strand of hair to cover the elastic. Divide your hair into three equal parts, tie the middle part back, and loop the remaining two sections of hair over the sides. Add an elastic band about 5 to 6cm from the previous one. Repeat the steps until the end of the hair. Loosen the braids for added volume.

New Year knot style

11 Braided Hair Wrapped Around in a Bun

This elegant and creative hairstyle is perfect for special occasions. Start by dividing the two sides of your hair into two equal parts and braid them close to the scalp, adding extra hair to each knot. Repeat this step until the back of your head is braided. Tie all your hair into a ponytail and create a fishtail braid. Divide it into two sections and braid each layer of hair pulled to the sides. Roll the braid into a complete bun for a fabulous look.

Braided hair wrapped in a bun

12 Mohawk Braids

This sporty and stylish hairstyle is perfect for active girls. Choose the hair on the top of your head and divide it into three Dutch braids. Braid each strand in a traditional style, adding braided hair on each side with each knot. Tie the first half of the braids up. Tie all your hair into a ponytail and loosen each knot for a natural look with added volume.

Mohawk braids

13 Herringtail Hair Is Round Around the Head

This hairstyle resembles a crown, adding femininity and nobility. It’s a sophisticated style created by braiding several fishtail braids around the head.

Herringtail hair is round around the head

14 Braid Your Hair Into a Flower

This hairstyle is simple and suitable for a feminine and gentle look. It involves braiding a small section of hair on each side in a traditional style and creating a flower shape by wrapping the braids in a circular shape.

Braid your hair into a flower

15 New Year’s Fake Fishtail Twisted

This hairstyle is similar to a traditional fishtail braid, but with a twist. The two braids are curled back to create the illusion of three fishtail braids. It’s a versatile hairstyle suitable for school, work, or hanging out with friends.

New Year's fake fishtail twisted

Above are 15 super pretty long braided hairstyles to help you stay neat during the hot summer. We hope these hairstyles inspire you and help you achieve a stylish look!