How to Distinguish Between Tapioca Starch and Wheat Flour Quickly

Do you know the difference between tapioca starch and wheat flour? Although they may look similar, they have some key characteristics that make them distinct. Read on to find out how to identify and differentiate these two types of flour.


Tapioca Flour and Wheat Flour: What Are They?

Tapioca flour is a cooking ingredient derived from cassava starch. It is known as “bột năng” in the southern region, “bột sắn” or “bột đao” in the northern region, and “bột lọc” in the central region of Vietnam. With its high viscosity and adhesive properties, tapioca flour is commonly used in the preparation of dishes such as jellies, porridge, and dumplings.

Tapioca flour

On the other hand, wheat flour is made from wheat grains and is utilized in the creation of bread, pastries, cookies, and pizzas. Unlike tapioca flour, wheat flour cannot produce the same level of viscosity. There are different types of wheat flour available, including black wheat flour, white wheat flour, regular wheat flour, number 8 wheat flour, and number 11 wheat flour. Each type varies in protein content, allowing for the production of different types of bread.

Wheat flour

How to Differentiate Between Tapioca Flour and Wheat Flour

At first glance, tapioca flour and wheat flour may appear similar due to their white powder form. However, there are specific characteristics that can be used to differentiate between the two:

Tapioca Flour Wheat Flour
Soft, less smooth texture Darker color, smoother texture
Creates a sticky and adhesive mixture when mixed with water Does not create stickiness, but possesses elasticity and fluffiness

Differentiating between tapioca flour and wheat flour

Various Cooking Methods with Tapioca Flour and Wheat Flour

Tapioca flour can be used in a variety of dishes and also offers health benefits for those with heart disease and diabetes. Here are some dishes that can be prepared using tapioca flour:

  • Crab soup (uses tapioca flour for viscosity)
  • Wrapped tapioca cakes
  • Jelly in different recipes
  • Pork skin cakes and dumplings

Tapioca flour used in various dishes

Wheat flour, on the other hand, is primarily used in the preparation of bread, cupcakes, pizza, sponge cake, and cookies.

Wheat flour used in various types of bread

We hope that this article has provided you with valuable information and helped you distinguish between tapioca flour and wheat flour!