4 Bridal Makeup Trends to Make You Shine on Your Big Day

In recent times, as the standards of beauty have become more diverse, having porcelain white skin is no longer the epitome of beauty.


There are 4 trending makeup styles to inspire you to make the best choice on your special day.

Sultry Foxy Eyes

Previously, makeup focused on creating big round eyes. However, in recent years, alongside big doll-like round eyes, foxy eyes with long eye shape and an upward eye tail have been popular.

Bella Hadid is one of the people who made this makeup style more popular. The highlight of this makeup technique is to create eye contour and eyeliner to create the effect of lifting the eye tail. Foxy eyes bring a very sophisticated, seductive and mysterious beauty to the bride.

Glass Skin

Glass Skin was created to honor your most authentic beauty by focusing on a smooth and reflective base.

The eyemakeup of this style is also minimal with curled lashes, light mascara, and a thin eyeliner. If you desire a youthful appearance, this might be your “sweetheart”.

Thanks to the “self-love” movement, where the prioritization of physical and mental health takes precedence, minimalist makeup trends such as Glass Skin that highlight natural beauty are increasingly popular.

Sun-Kissed Effect

The highlight of this style is to create a sun-kissed effect on your skin. A makeup artist will use a bronzer to create warm hues and highlight to create a sun-catching effect on your skin, giving your face more depth. If you are infatuated with this makeup style, use a liquid blush to create a natural and healthy glow on your skin.

One of the people who always leads in creating trends is Kylie Jenner.

Red Lips – Red lipstick

In the color dictionary, red is the color symbol of elegance and seduction. This lip color has different shades for you to choose from to match your skin tone. Moreover, red lipstick makes your teeth “pop”, giving you a radiant smile.

Red lipstick is already a standout color, so you need to balance the eye makeup by using neutral shades. This way, you have a harmonious makeup look that is still striking and seductive. Red lipstick has long been the signature color of singer Taylor Swift and she has been rocking it year after year.

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