Learn the simple French girl makeup techniques to achieve a natural and beautiful look like a poetess.

French women have always maintained a gentle, refined, and somewhat minimalist makeup style.


Base Layer

Skincare is the most important step in the beauty routine of French women. Smooth and hydrated skin is the key to a perfect, natural-looking “no-makeup” base.

French women use very little foundation. Instead, they focus on cleansing the skin and using daily moisturizers, eye creams, and serums.

French ladies always stick to a matte, even-toned base that matches their natural skin tone. To achieve a “no-makeup” base, try combining foundation with serum for a translucent and lightweight effect.


French women are skilled at concealing flaws around the eyes. Before applying makeup, these “City of Light” ladies often apply a colored moisturizer to the areas with imperfections.

Then, they use concealer to even out dark circles and the area around the nose. Lastly, they apply a layer of powder all over the face, focusing on the T-zone, to help the foundation last all day and stay beautiful.

Emphasize the Best Features

French women prefer a subtle beauty look, so they are very restrained when it comes to makeup. One of the secrets to achieving a light, “no-makeup” look like French women is to focus on highlighting their most confident facial features.

It could be captivating eyes with curled lashes and a touch of eyeliner on the outer corners of the eyes, or simply a bold red lip color that attracts all eyes.

Classic Lipstick

Red lipstick can be seen all over the streets of Paris because classic red is always an essential symbol in their makeup routine. French women often choose a matte lipstick to enhance their elegant and charming beauty.

To achieve perfect French-style lips, remember to properly moisturize your lips to have plump and vibrant red lips before hitting the streets!

Natural Eyebrows

French women don’t over-tweeze or shape their eyebrows too harshly. They simply focus on maintaining eyebrows that suit their face shape when applying makeup. They fill in their brows lightly and add a touch of concealer along the edges to create depth and neatness.

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