3 Unexpected Makeup Tips and Tricks

Building upon the incredible insight gained from the revelations of the first two chapters, here are 10 additional amazing tips to help you succeed!

1. Fix dry blemish concealer

If your blemish concealer often leaves dry patches on your face after a long day or even just a session, mix it with a little eye cream. It will help the concealer retain moisture, avoid dryness, and increase coverage on the face.

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2. Sun-kissed makeup

If you still dream of a sun-kissed complexion without using tanning products, then bronzer is your “savior”. After completing the makeup steps on your face, use a large brush to apply bronzer on the cheekbones, along the nose, on the forehead, and chin. When the light shines on it, it will create a reflective effect and give you a sparkling, healthy complexion.

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3. Fix a broken powder compact

If your powder foundation, eyeshadow, or blush accidentally falls and breaks the powder inside, don’t immediately throw them away because you can easily “fix the consequences”. The trick is to pour a little rubbing alcohol into the powder compact, use a small spoon to evenly mix the powder until it becomes a smooth mixture. At this point, just wait for it to dry and you can use it as usual.

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4. Reduce the intensity of red lipstick

If bold red lipstick makes you hesitate and lose confidence, apply a layer of nude lip gloss on top. Your lips will appear lighter, natural, and more sophisticated.

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5. Remove excess oil from compact powder

For those who regularly apply makeup with their fingers, some compact powders like blush or eyeshadow will gradually accumulate oil from your fingers. Over time, this will damage the powder and reduce its adherence. To solve this problem, use a piece of adhesive tape on the surface of the powder every week. Use your finger to gently press and remove the tape. The excess oil on the surface of the powder will stick to the tape and be easily removed.

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6. Make mascara thicker and more even

To achieve thick and voluminous eyelashes, when applying mascara from the base to the tip, brush the wand in a zigzag motion instead of a straight line. Additionally, after using this method, there will be excess mascara on the lower lashes. Use a cotton swab to brush them again to remove the excess.

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7. Use the ring finger to blend concealer

When applying concealer to the under-eye area, instead of using a brush, use the ring finger to blend the concealer. This finger is the weakest on the hand and will not damage this sensitive area. In addition, the natural warmth of the skin will also help create a smoother and more natural coverage than using a brush.

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8. Perfectly apply lipstick to the lips

First, apply a layer of clear lip balm to protect the lips. Then, apply nude lipstick to even out the lip color and cover dark edges. Use a water tint to dot 3 points evenly on the lower lip and use your finger to blend them in the lip area. Finally, apply a layer of clear lip gloss and you have completed the technique for perfectly even lip color!

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9. Create matte lipstick

To achieve a trendy matte lipstick, when applying regular red lipstick, use your finger to dab blush of the same tone (or matte eyeshadow) evenly on the lips. The oil layer of the lipstick will be removed, giving you non-shiny and incredibly attractive lips.

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10. Apply mascara to the lower lashes using a lip brush

If you find it difficult to apply mascara to the lower lashes with a large wand, replace it by taking a little mascara and using a lip brush to apply and coat each lash. This step will become easier, quicker, and prevent significant smudging.

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