4 recent Korean actresses who inspire women to dress beautifully

Recently, there have been 4 Korean film beauties who have been making a strong impression with their stylish and captivating looks.


Fashion in Korean movies has always been an ideal model loved by many people. The outfits that appear in Korean films impress with their stylishness, attractiveness, and even the ability to create trends. Fashion in Korean movies is often highly practical, and anyone can learn from it. Recently, there are 4 Korean movie beauties who have made an impression with their trendy and captivating style.

Suzy in the movie “Doona!”

In the movie “Doona!”, Suzy takes on the role of a idol. Her fashion is still very stylish and glamorous, often leaning towards the current trendy style, such as cropped cardigans, tweed jackets, denim skirts, or floral patterned skirts… exuding youthfulness and trendiness.

She also cleverly mixes accessories and chooses items like earrings, necklaces, or hats to regularly wear them to create a standout and charming look for every outfit. Referencing Suzy’s outfits in the movie “Doona!”, you will have more ideas on how to dress beautifully for yourself.

Seol In Ah in the movie “Sparkling watermelon”

“Sparkling watermelon” is a movie that has attracted a lot of attention, and the fashion taste of the characters in the movie is also equally intriguing. The style of Seol In Ah is particularly impressive.

This time, with this character, Seol In Ah has changed from long hair to short hair. With each hairstyle, Seol In Ah has many different transformations, sometimes looking feminine, gentle when wearing subtle-colored dresses and having flowing hair. When switching to a short, dynamic hairstyle, Seol In Ah scores points with a youthful and energetic look.

Lee Yoo Mi in the movie “Bold Girl Gang Nam Soon”

Lee Yoo Mi continues to have an impressive role in the movie “Bold Girl Gang Nam Soon”. She received many compliments when applying a free and layered style to her outfits. When she returns to her wealthy heiress identity, Lee Yoo Mi wears glamorous, charming outfits that blend sophistication with freshness, youthfulness, and dynamism, which are worth referring to.

Kim Jung Eun in the movie “Bold Girl Gang Nam Soon”

The female lead in the movie “Love Story in Paris” applies a luxurious style that truly represents the upper class. The suits, long dresses, trench coats, and blazers enhance her elegance.

All of Kim Jung Eun’s outfits exude a luxurious, elegant, but still youthful and vibrant vibe. These outfits have done a great job of highlighting Kim Jung Eun’s slim and graceful figure.