5 Red Accessories to Add a Fun Accent to Your Lunar New Year Outfits

With these accessories, you'll create a joyful and fortunate style for the Tet holiday.


Red is always considered one of the lucky colors, used a lot at the beginning of the year and on festive occasions. To add a traditional Tet atmosphere and bring luck to yourself, you can add accessories to your collection to bring a fresh and beautiful look.

Headbands and Hair Accessories

Red headbands and hair accessories are a great way to refresh your style. There are many simple or intricate headbands with flowers, all of which bring beauty and grace. Especially in traditional Tet costumes, adding a red headband also brings luck to the wearer.


Red handbags are an essential fashion accessory during Tet, creating a highlight and adding confidence. You can choose handbags with traditional patterns or unique designs to express your personality. Whether you’re strolling around town or attending a party, a red handbag will make you stand out.


Red socks not only bring warmth but also add joy and luck to the Tet holiday. There are various types of socks with traditional patterns or patterns related to the new year. Red socks create contrast and highlight your feet in any outfit.


You can choose red pointed shoes, high heels, or red sneakers depending on your style and comfort. A pair of red shoes will bring confidence and attraction to your steps during Tet.

Red Earrings

Normally, when going to work, many people choose bright colors and prefer neutral colors. But during Tet, women should change their style with red, both eye-catching and personal.

They will make women look attractive in the eyes of those around them. Whether they are large or small, they can be mixed with green, white, pink… outfits to ensure you stand out. Those who pursue a personal style can choose to wear unique red earrings, mix with some trendy items, and perfect. In general, like other colors, there are many cute earring styles for women to choose from.

Gloves and Scarves

Red gloves and scarves not only bring warmth but also convey traditional beauty, transmit joy and luck, and make you look truly outstanding and stylish during Tet.

Above are 5 red accessories that help fill Tet with style. Headbands and hair accessories bring a graceful and fresh look. With these accessories, you will create a style full of joy and luck during Tet.