5 Trendy Short Haircuts Loved by Korean Celebrities, Perfect for a Fresh Look

For the list of timeless and beautiful short hairstyles, look no further than these 5 recommendations from famous Korean celebrities. They have mastered the art of rocking short haircuts and can serve as great inspiration for your next salon visit. Whether you're looking for a chic bob, a trendy pixie cut, or a stylish asymmetrical style, these Korean stars have got you covered. Say goodbye to long locks and embrace the confidence that comes with a stunning short hairstyle. Get ready to turn heads and make a bold statement with these iconic looks.


Short hair is an effective way to change your style, and it’s also a trick for celebrities to have a breakthrough in their image. In fact, many beauties have reached the peak of their beauty thanks to short haircuts. To find out which classic short hairstyles stand the test of time, ladies can refer to the following 5 suggestions from Korean celebrities:

Basic bob haircut

Although the hair trends change every year, the basic bob haircut is always popular. This is a trendy haircut that does not make your appearance dull, instead it highlights modernity and fashion. Korean actresses often keep their hair black when applying the basic bob haircut to exude elegance. It suits oval faces or V-line jawlines as it accentuates the sleek lines.

Short layered hair with thin bangs

Short layered hair with thin bangs is praised for its youthful and sweet look. This is a choice that helps many female celebrities enhance their beauty. This hairstyle not only produces an age-defying effect but also balances and softens the face. It is not necessary to dye your hair when styling short layered hair with thin bangs. However, if you want a standout and radiant look, you can choose a brown color.

Short layered hair

This hairstyle brings a refreshing effect, highlighting youthfulness, prominence, and trendiness. With the layered structure, short layered hair adds volume and liveliness to your hair. Therefore, those with thin hair should consider this trendy hairstyle. When applying short layered hair, you should pay attention to caring for your hair.

Short wavy hair

This is a very feminine and elegant hairstyle, suitable for women over 30. Short wavy hair also has bounce and thickness. To maintain a youthful and age-defying appearance with short wavy hair, you can have thin bangs, dye your hair brown, or simply add gentle waves to your hair.

Short shoulder-length layered hair

The characteristic of short shoulder-length layered hair is femininity. Whether you don’t want to cut your hair too short or grow it too long, short shoulder-length hair is the ideal choice for a new look. It suits people of all ages.

You can choose a thin or side-swept bangs to create a more compact and balanced face. The recent hair trend is the short shoulder-length layered hair with a slight curl, and you should try this version for a neat and elegant appearance.