Find Out How Often You Should Wash Your Face and How Long It Should Take

Have you ever wondered how many times a day you should wash your face and for how long? Fortunately, Dien May XANH has the answers. Find out all the key tips and tricks to have clean and radiant skin with the helpful advice in our article.


1 What is the recommended frequency of washing your face?

According to dermatologists, it is recommended to wash your face twice a day with cleanser – once in the morning after waking up and once at night before going to bed.

For individuals with oily skin that tends to accumulate oil and dirt throughout the day, it is acceptable to wash the face 1-2 more times. However, additional washes should only involve the use of plain water and a clean towel to dry the face, as excessive use of detergents can damage the skin.

Wash your face twice a day with a facial cleanser

Wash your face twice a day with a facial cleanser.

If you have skin issues such as atopic dermatitis, peeling, cracking, or allergies caused by the use of inappropriate cosmetics, it is advisable to only wash your face with a cleanser for sensitive skin once a day in the morning. At night, you can simply wash your face with clean mineral water and then dry it.

2 The negative effects of excessive or inadequate face washing

Washing your face too frequently can disrupt the natural acid balance of the skin, making it more prone to irritation. It can also stimulate the sebaceous glands, leading to increased sebum production and acne formation.

On the other hand, inadequate face washing can result in clogged pores and more acne. Moreover, dirty skin can limit the effectiveness of the skincare products you use.

The harms when you wash your face too much or too little

The harms when you wash your face too much or too little.

3 How long should you wash your face?

The duration of face washing is an important factor. If you wash your face for too short a time, it may not be enough to thoroughly clean the skin. Conversely, washing your face for too long with a cleanser can dry out the skin and strip away its natural protective film.

The ideal duration for washing your face is 1 to 2 minutes, both in the morning and in the evening.

Steps to wash your face:

  • Step 1: Wet your face with clean water.
  • Step 2: Apply a sufficient amount of face wash to your palm and create a foam. Massage the foam onto your skin, allowing the air bubbles to penetrate deep into the pores.
  • Step 3: Rinse your face with water to remove all sebum, dirt, and makeup residue that haven’t been removed by a makeup remover. Additionally, you can use it to support deep cleansing, helping to firm the skin and combat signs of aging.

2 minutes is the ideal amount of time to wash your face

1-2 minutes is the ideal amount of time to wash your face.

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