Guide to Restoring Skin with Steam Facial Using Chamomile Flowers

Are you looking for ways to improve the health of your skin? If so, consider giving dried chamomile flowers a try! Not only can they provide relief from dryness and roughness, but they may also help to even out your skin tone. Read on to find out more about the amazing benefits of chamomile flowers!


The Skin Benefits of Dried Chrysanthemum Flowers

For centuries, Chinese herbalists have utilized dried chrysanthemum flowers to create rejuvenating potions for the imperial concubines. Today, this ingredient remains a key component in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. So, what are the advantages of dried chrysanthemum flowers for the skin, and how can they be effectively used? Join us as we explore:

1. Skin Benefits of Dried Chrysanthemum Flowers

Dried chrysanthemum flowers possess remarkable properties for treating ailments, cooling the body, and revitalizing the skin. They are rich in nutrients and antioxidants, making them highly effective in removing impurities from the skin. Additionally, these potent flowers aid in healing acne-related wounds and soothing inflammation.

Skin benefits of dried chrysanthemum flowers

Moreover, the pigments present in dried chrysanthemum flowers help maintain skin elasticity, preventing dryness, roughness, and fostering a brighter complexion. Thanks to its constituent bisabolol, dried chrysanthemum flowers are also known for their acne-treating and anti-inflammatory effects. By incorporating dried chrysanthemum flower steaming, you can gradually achieve smooth, white, and beautiful skin.

2. Facial Steaming with Dried Chrysanthemum Flowers

Step 1: Prepare the necessary items

Prepare the necessary items

  • 5g dried chrysanthemum flowers (or fresh chrysanthemum flowers)
  • 5 liters of clean water
  • Tools: Basin

Step 2: Clean the ingredients

Clean the ingredients

Place 5g of dried chrysanthemum flowers in a small basin for steaming. Then, boil 5 liters of water and pour a small amount into the basin. After approximately 30 seconds, carefully remove the dried chrysanthemum flowers and strain the water to eliminate any impurities.

Step 3: Perform facial steaming

Perform facial steaming

Pour the remaining boiled water into the basin. Bring your face to approximately 30cm away from the basin, ensuring it doesn’t get too close to avoid discomfort. Cover your head tightly with a large towel and steam your face for 10 – 15 minutes.

Step 4: Cleanse and nourish the skin

Cleanse and nourish the skin

After steaming, rinse your face with room temperature water to tighten the pores. Gently pat dry your face and continue with your regular skincare routine. Additionally, you can apply a moisturizer to provide adequate hydration for the skin.

3. Notes on Facial Steaming with Dried Chrysanthemum Flowers

Notes when steaming the face with dried chrysanthemum flowers

Ensure that the duration of facial steaming with dried chrysanthemum flowers doesn’t exceed 15 minutes. Prolonged steaming can result in excessive moisture loss and dryness of the skin. Consistency is key, so it is recommended to follow this method 2 – 3 times per week for optimal skin improvement.

Depending on your skin type, you may incorporate additional ingredients to enhance the effectiveness of the steaming process. For instance:

  • Dry or sensitive skin: Add aloe vera gel or honey.
  • Oily or combination skin: Add rose petals.
  • Acne-prone skin: Add tea tree oil to bolster the skin’s antibacterial properties.

Always remember to moisturize your skin prior to steaming to optimize nutrient absorption. Prior to and after steaming, increase your intake of filtered water, herbal tea, or coconut water to replenish hydration levels, resulting in a more radiant complexion day by day.

We have just provided a comprehensive guide on how to steam your face with dried chrysanthemum flowers for the restoration of healthy and smooth skin. Please feel free to refer to this guide and share your experiences with us. Thank you for your readership!