Hair Style that Makes Korean Girls Go Crazy, with “Magical” Age-Hacking Abilities

This hairstyle is no longer as challenging as before, but has been modified to better suit the taste of the majority.


Hime cut hairstyle originated from Japan but has been popularized by Korean celebrities. This hairstyle is no longer difficult as before and has been modified to suit the mainstream taste. It not only enhances the beauty of the person wearing it but also has the magical ability to make them look younger.

The hair length should be kept at the back and the characteristic two layers of bangs should be trimmed to chin-length or shorter. At the age of 50, Song Hye Kyo surprised her fans with an incredibly youthful look, wearing a high ponytail hime cut.

This Japanese-style haircut with a close-fitting face shape adds sharpness and angularity to the owner’s face. For those with long faces like model Kim Jiwoo, combining hime cut with bangs will create a more balanced facial structure.

The “Japanese princess” haircut is also worn by celebrities on the red carpet. A black, unconventional bangs with layers highlights the fair and flawless complexion of actress Aoung.

Momo, the Japanese member of the music group Twice, is one of the enthusiastic supporters of this hairstyle. The simple makeup and outfit combined with the sparse bangs and shoulder-length hair of hime create a cold and “chic” appearance.

Hong Eun Chae quickly catches the trend with her hair tied on both sides with a ribbon and a mix of preppy-style outfits, including a baby tee and a short flared skirt.

This hairstyle is quite picky and requires careful attention, it can’t just be cut and look beautiful. Kim Chaewon is quite innovative when she dyes the bangs with bright light colors.

This hairstyle is suitable for women with thin hair because the emphasis of hime is on the thick side bangs. Otherwise, if not properly handled, this hair will easily become frizzy and tangled. Actress Park Gyu Young uses a gentle version of hime cut.

Hime cut has a great effect in concealing facial imperfections such as wide jaw or less slender chin, making them look much more slender and delicate.

Hime cut is no longer new to young people but it has made a comeback and become popular in recent times. Beautiful magazine covers and hime cut hairstyles have captivated many women who want to follow the trend.

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