Jisoo’s sister suggests adorable autumn outfits that everyone can learn from

During the winter season, she gravitates towards fashion items such as leather jackets, jeans, and oversized sweaters.


Jiyoon – the older sister of Jisoo (BLACKPINK) may not be in the entertainment industry, but she still receives a lot of attention from fans. She has a lovely and beautiful face, as well as a well-proportioned figure, which seems to be able to handle any fashion style. In the winter, she often opts for fashion items such as leather jackets, jeans, oversized sweaters, etc. These smart choices have helped the 30+ year old Jiyoon look at least 5 years younger. For those who want to revamp their own style, don’t miss Jiyoon’s suggestions.

Take a look at Jisoo’s sister’s fall wardrobe and you’re guaranteed to find a lot of items you’ll love.

Despite being 32 years old, Jiyoon’s fashion style is still very youthful and trendy. In the cold season, she likes to wear short jackets made of leather and faux fur, which help her score personality points and accentuate her figure.

When attending events, Jisoo’s older sister usually wears relatively simple outfits with neutral tones. This simple way of dressing is not too complicated but still brings Jiyoon an elegant and charming beauty.

She wears ”age-defying” items like vests, short skirts, or flat caps. Jiyoon also showcases her skillful mix-and-match ability that leaves many people in awe.

Jiyoon often adopts the formula of pairing a cardigan with a shirt and a long denim skirt, which gives a feminine and gentle feel.

In the fall, short sweaters and skirts are heavily featured in Jiyoon’s wardrobe. She favors basic, easy-to-wear silhouettes and pays special attention to colors to create a cohesive outfit.

Knitwear is well-loved by this mother of two. She also shows off her ability to pair these items, mostly with jeans and wide-legged pants. Therefore, anyone can learn from her.

Sometimes, Jiyoon also wears matching sets when going out. With this type of outfit, she prefers bright colors such as white, beige, pink, etc. to look more charming and stylish.

Above are the favorite fashion items that Jisoo’s older sister loves to wear every fall. You can refer to these suggestions if you want to borrow Jiyoon’s style.