Stylish and youthful fashion choices of the cast of “Boys Over Flowers,” all over 40 years old

Looking at their outfits, she will gain inspiration for fashionable and youthful attire.


The Meteor Garden movie is one of the most talked-about works for a long time. This film also created a craze on the small screen in 2009. It has been 15 years, but whenever mentioning this iconic idol drama, the 80s and 90s generations can’t help but feel nostalgic. Meteor Garden features a cast of attractive actors. Besides the F4 boy band, the actresses in the film are also a popular topic of discussion, not only for their beauty but also for their style.

Many beauties of Meteor Garden have entered their 40s. However, they still maintain their beautiful and youthful appearance, as well as a stylish fashion sense. Looking at their outfits, you can get more ideas on how to dress beautifully and youthful at any age.

Goo Hye Sun

In recent years, Goo Hye Sun has been absent from the Korean showbiz scene, but she still shares everyday life images, and it can be seen that her fashion style is still impressive. In her daily life, Goo Hye Sun transforms with sweet outfits, such as cardigans and skirts, turtleneck sweaters, or white shirts paired with blazers, and often wears feminine items like dresses. She usually prioritizes layered dresses to make her appearance more prominent and charming.

Lee Si Young

Lee Si Young not only gained fame from Meteor Garden but also became popular with her role in the movie Sweet Home: The Terrifying World and as a TikToker with millions of views. Lee Si Young regularly updates her outfits on her personal page. Every time she dresses up, she receives positive reactions from netizens. Eye-catching items and age-defying hacks like striped shirts, t-shirts, and shorts are often chosen by Lee Si Young. Additionally, she also has very eye-catching layered outfits. To defy age after 40, ladies should refer to Lee Si Young’s style.

Lee Min Jung

Lee Min Jung possesses a youthful appearance in her 40s and is always praised for her stylish outfits. Her fashion style leans towards elegance and femininity. The actress often wears dresses and has many elegant and worth-learning outfit formulas.

To look elegant, Lee Min Jung wears a black dress with a button placket paired with high heels. The combination of a long skirt and a cardigan or a vest dress paired with a white t-shirt is youthful and fresh but still sophisticated. Sometimes, Lee Min Jung chooses comfortable and dynamic outfits, ensuring a lively look, such as a leather jacket.

Frequently asked questions

The movie featured several beautiful actresses who have now entered their 40s but continue to captivate audiences with their youthful appearances and stylish fashion sense. These include Goo Hye Sun, Lee Si Young, and Lee Min Jung. Despite their age, they maintain a fashionable presence, with their outfit choices offering ideas on how to dress beautifully at any age.

Goo Hye Sun has been largely absent from the Korean showbiz scene in recent years, but her fashion sense remains impressive. She often shares images of her daily life, showcasing sweet and feminine outfits. Hye Sun is known for wearing cardigans with skirts, turtleneck sweaters, and white shirts paired with blazers. She also favors dresses, especially layered styles, to create a prominent and charming appearance.

Lee Si Young gained fame from Meteor Garden and further enhanced her popularity with her role in Sweet Home: The Terrifying World and as a TikToker. She regularly updates her personal page with eye-catching outfits, often featuring striped shirts, t-shirts, and shorts. Lee Si Young’s style is a great reference for ladies looking to defy age and stay fashionable in their 40s and beyond.

Lee Min Jung is known for her elegant and feminine fashion sense. She often wears dresses and has a variety of elegant and youthful outfit formulas. To achieve an elegant look, she pairs a black dress with high heels or combines a long skirt with a cardigan. For a fresher but still sophisticated style, she opts for a vest dress with a white t-shirt. Occasionally, she chooses comfortable and dynamic outfits, such as a leather jacket, to ensure a lively appearance.

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