Things to know before buying lip balm and the safe, effective time to use lip balm

Lip balm is a daily essential, especially in dry and cold weather conditions.


Taking care of the lips is extremely important. Lip balm is a product designed to protect the lips from the impact of the environment and keep them moisturized. Lip balm should be used daily, especially in dry and cold weather conditions.

Moisturizing ingredients (also known as emollients or humectants) such as glycerin, lanolin, or shea butter, along with a wax ingredient, help the lip balm adhere to the lips.

When should you use lip balm?

In air-conditioned environments: Spending long periods of time in an air-conditioned room can cause dry lips.

Before sun exposure: Lips can become dry, cracked, aged, and discolored due to harmful UV rays. Therefore, always apply lip balm with sun protection when going outdoors.

After meals: To take advantage of the lip moisturizing benefits, reapply lip balm after each meal.

Before applying lipstick: Applying a little lip balm before applying lipstick can make the lips soft and make the lipstick last longer.

Before going to bed: It is advisable to apply a layer of lip balm every night before going to bed to provide moisture and protect the lips overnight.

Some specific health conditions can also lead to dry lips and require regular use of lip balm. It is important to clean the lips before applying lip balm. If the lips are damaged or have sores, it is advisable to limit the use of lip balm to avoid irritation and further damage.

Things to know before buying lip balm

There are many different types of lip balm, and therefore, there are also many low-quality lip balm products or products that contain harmful chemicals. Applying these things to the lips regularly can cause long-term damage to the lips.

Checking the ingredients of lip balm before use is very important, especially for people with sensitive or easily irritated skin.

Ingredients to avoid include:

Parabens: A type of preservative that can be found in cosmetics but can cause potential health issues.

Phenol: Phenol is sometimes used to create a plumping effect on the lips and acts as a preservative.

Synthetic colorants and fragrances: Some people with sensitive skin may react to synthetic colorants and fragrances, so caution is needed.

In addition, pay attention to the expiration date, which is often printed on the packaging of the product. Lip balm should be stored at room temperature and protected from direct sunlight to prevent product degradation.

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